Kevin McCullough Weighs in on Yesterday's Indictment of Donald Trump


My question is, what do Republicans do about this? Are there any heroic figures in the Senate willing to stand against this? Well, Senate House, wherever last night, so the indictment gets handed down at what about 5 to 6 Eastern Time, something like that. And I start getting news alerts immediately from all sources across the board left, right, middle indifferent, et cetera. And one of the things that I was impressed by was that the immediate leadership of the Republican Party, particularly those in the house, immediately made public statements immediately went on the record immediately opposed this and started saying that there would be investigations from the house. Today I have in front of me, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg's offices response in which he is trying to tell people in the House of Representatives that they can't have the documents related to this indictment because it would present unlawful political interference in an ongoing criminal case. Talk about the irony of just that statement alone. I mean, this is ongoing political interference in or this is ongoing supposed criminal interference in a political race for the president. And we've never subjected a president and there have been those that have done bad things. There have been those that likely have broken the law to a much worse degree than a campaign finance reform statute being violated. But we've never, we've never seen this happen. We've never seen an indictment brought against a former president and to do so on the most specious grounds possible.

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