Balloon bickering over Biden's actions, China's intentions


There's political bickering in Washington over the Biden administration's response to the Chinese surveillance balloon that flew over parts of the U.S. for days. Never should have been allowed to complete its mission. Many Republicans, like Ohio congressman Mike Turner on the House intelligence committee, say the administration was too slow to act. Taking it down over the Atlantic is sort of like the quarterback sort of like tackling the quarterback after the game is over. On NBC's meet the press. He says the surveillance balloon should have been taken out long before it neared sensitive sites, like nuclear silos in Montana. Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer on WABC says The White House handled it properly, waiting until the device was over water. We protected civilians. We gained more intelligence while protecting our own sensitive information. He says intelligence officials will be briefing lawmakers, and it's premature to criticize a cautious response, adding there were similar balloon missions during the Trump administration. I'm Jackie Quinn

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