Did Abby Grossberg's Lawsuit Play a Role in Tucker's Fox Exit?


Else, though, going on, meanwhile, Maria bartiromo, wonderful, wonderful woman. I worked with her both at CNBC. And then, of course, at Fox. Maria bartiromo had a producer named Abby grosberg and Abby, then later went over to work on Tucker Carlson's show, and Abby sued as this dominion thing unfolded, alleging that there was a ton of discrimination that there was a ton of sort of harassment, the environment that she was working in was highly problematic on Tucker Carlson's show. So in that discovery process, you wonder if more things came out. I mean, we know already. You've seen some of the texts that went back and forth. Tucker didn't seem to have a whole lot of faith in management, and he was complaining that management was so bad that we're going to take the whole place down because they didn't really understand where the viewer was at, et cetera, et cetera. One wonders if more stuff came out in that discovery process for this other lawsuit that might have just been enough for the Murdochs to say, okay, we really don't want this guy here anymore. Not only do we want not want him, we don't want his producer, Justin wells. So they sent both of them packing. It's honestly just shocking. And I think it's unfortunate because it didn't need to get to this.

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