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And of course they might be intimated animal as well which will so it would make it more difficult than a boat so what do you think what happened next what i hope will happen is that they will be some epidemiology done on the area and maybe there will be a large scale investigation to truly workout what happened in this situation even if it disappeared tomorrow which i hope it does i would still like to understand how this outbreak occurred so that we can be better prepared next time that was martin hidden talking to claudia hammond is a few days bobby since martin spoke to claude is much changed you know as he said that's been seventeen confirmed cases but now the number is sixteen confirmed dead sites nanny hundred son death writes sadly are the countries a setting up and taking notes as well so united arab emirates the ui they've banned imports of fresh fruit and vegetables from carola now of course it's suspected that fruit bats the source of the virus that subsequently the fruit bats infects the fruit the fruit easson by the passan he gets infected so the way they will find notified authorities across it summer it's to prevent the entry of any fresh produce from the state and includes major projects like mangoes dates bananas the bots preferred fruits nicole's palm of this will have to be studying controlling that first infection of being too carol their no numerous number of fruit bats that i've seen when i've been but also obviously the transmission from one person to the next i don't know if there's anything they can do the yeah well the question remains about not any the soul so we're discussing the fruit bats but how it's being spread a smile it's being reported that the last two cases so the number that made up to seventeen they actually contracted the virus at a medical college so that's real questions about how it's being spread and we met reminds me of the problem with ebola which show talked about the beginning the bullet in the democratic republic of congo the it started in the rural regions concern is if it goes through cities then you can get the kinds of effects that we saw few years ago with the they must be similar concerns with.

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