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By Democrats seeks to raise the minimum wage to twelve dollars an hour for workers, not offered health insurance and eleven dollars an hour employees who are the measure now moves to the state Senate for consideration after several quite years tornadoes have been erupting across the nation over the last two weeks, mix of warm moist air from the southeast and persistent cold from the Rockies at clashed. Stalled over the midwest spawning unusual surge tornadoes on Monday the US tied. It's corn record of eleven. Consecutive days with at least eight tornadoes confirmed on each of those days, the last thing that happened was back in one thousand nine hundred at last word the national weather service, already received at least twenty seven four reports of tornadoes yesterday suggesting that the record for consecutive days meeting broken, once the official total surrender meant, small, Washington, the Las Vegas aviators of announced that the pool at Las Vegas. Ballpark has been fully booked for the season. The ticket office confirmed the pool. Rental option is done for twenty nineteenth the pool it for two thousand dollars per game which included fifty game tickets and views from right-center field for the chess on our weather. Here's news, three Kelly. Curran, we're looking at mostly sunny skies across the area today. Temperatures will be a little bit warmer. Topping out intimate eighty however there is still a slight chance for showers, maybe even a rumble of under in the local nouns and on the far west side of the Las Vegas valley, including Summerlin, centennial hills, people listening for more updates throughout the day. From news three year weather, thority sunny and sixty eight in Las Vegas. I'm John Shaffer knew. One zero one five FM seven twenty AM on Las Vegas. Only FM news. Talk station with a look at the roads. Here's John Michaels indicate on traffic center. This report sponsored by southern Nevada. Chevy dealers. Still some slow and go. I'm fifteen southbound from the spaghetti.

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