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Welcome back to ice by we return to the story of NATO Bacchus has. She hunts for the Outside. Jihadist Abu Musab Zarqa we in Iraq by the end of two thousand and four thousand five. I had moved into an operations role whereas targeting officer and I was heading up these cowie branch and I was responsible for trying to stop him in his organization from conducting operations inside Iraq and outside of Iraq and that sense of responsibility is just completely overwhelming. Especially when you're in a situation where it just seems like it's just never ending the R murdering people at very large numbers. He's going after early Shia targets. He's killing innocent civilians. He's attacking schools in that situation. Where things are moving so quickly. It's hard to have empathy for another human being. Does things like that on the operation. Side targeting officer as actually looking for tactical information actionable. So you're understand the whole structure of the organization itself. But you're also strategically looking for vulnerabilities. Nodes that you can take out to help either. Air Support or on the Ground Special Operations forces to conduct capture or kill missions periodically. We'd get some semi credible Intel about Zahra Kelly's locations or movements. And then one day regard some information that our was going to be traveling in a white vehicle and this time we had really credible intelligence. On's our COWIE's movements but it was very last minute like it was going to happen instantaneously. So there's a drone Iraq but it was not an armed germ like we hear about all the time now. It just had video capability so as soon as we were able to figure out where this this pickup was going to be moving from. We had a drone up over that area and then identified the vehicle so we're following vehicle. Special Operations forces is is trying to scramble up behind him. Because it's all happening very last minute. And they catch up to him and then it's a car chase and he pulls into pulls into this farm essentially with what you know being Montana. We would call a shelter belt which is like a grove of trees that are set up to block the win for the buildings around there he pulls in. It's the canopy of the trees. We can't see through it so we don't know what where he's gone. At this point he evidently gets vehicle. Search running an grove of trees extends quite a ways down into this like little valley so he got out and ran and we couldn't see him. We don't have any way to tell special operations forces on the ground like which way once they get to the pickup and capture all the belongings and everything confirm. It was him in the car. 'cause he he left everything behind but yeah that was That was incredibly infuriating to get that close to him without actually capturing him he left behind a laptop it was encrypted but not in a super sophisticated way so special operations had the laptop and they were just determined to all of it themselves. We'll that's not their specialty that CIA NSA. Even if be I can do that. All of which are plenty available. There are all located together. All he would have had to do was handed off to the person I have invented with them sitting there but instead they kept it for a couple of weeks and that was infuriating. There's a lot of this happens within entered government agency fighting. You know we would have been in it. Within an hour been able to exploit a lot of intelligence off of that laptop including contacts phone numbers. A lots of intelligence could have exploited if we would have been able to do it right away all of which was old by the time we got it and then we found a lot of really weird videos and pictures of like graphic contents animals. I'll just say this is our. Kelly was pretty much sociopath by two thousand five. I felt like we were still scrambling around asking. How do we stem the tide of this violence? If aren't articulating any strategies to build things around the country that can actually counter the violence. Otherwise we're just it's just like a constant game of whack a mole. I mean we were still trying to figure out. What's our main goal in Iraq? We didn't have one certainly right after the invasion. We didn't have any kind of plan for how we deal. Like helping rebuild or maintain and infrastructure. How do we make sure that they can provide jobs and building economy? Make sure people have electricity and food right after the invasion? What's the overarching? Ingolf were a government that's form. What's the overarching goal for? Letting them have autonomy to form what kind of government they want. I mean we just didn't have. I think those those release like basic things in place prior to the invasion and we couldn't articulate. What's our end goal for. When we feel like Iraq has become independence.

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