Tennessee, Wisconsin, Vermont discussed on John Rothmann


Five eight zero eight zero eight ten are you wearing a mask and are you aware that Florida is showing signs as next coronavirus epicenter Inc S. cases spike across the country well I want to give you some examples Karen's telling me I have to take a break Karen let me let me finish you don't mind do you know she said go right ahead John that's good twenty three states your saying upper trends in newly reported cases from one week to the next Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Kansas Oregon Louisiana Montana Nevada North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina Tennessee Texas Washington West Virginia and Wyoming eight states are seeing steady numbers of newly reported cases Indiana Maine Mississippi Missouri Nebraska Ohio South Dakota and Utah eighteen states good news our senior downward trend Colorado Connecticut Illinois Iowa Kentucky Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota New Hampshire New Mexico New Jersey New York North Dakota Pennsylvania Rhode Island Virginia and Wisconsin one state Vermont has been has seen a decrease of at least fifty percent but this maybe can be averted if people wear masks my question is are you wearing a mask.

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