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How it would be received? And and when we were active or one of the top faith podcasts were on hiatus right now to begin of March where we'll start season two again. But I'm so grateful it I think there's a real hunger and thirst especially considering the climate that we're in. We're so divided so device it when we can't pull up a chair and talk to somebody that we don't agree with and that's with this. I mean, I talked to I talked to a Muslim I talked to an atheist people that I don't necessarily see eye to eye with but everybody is entitled to their own faith story. And I think it's impor-. To sit down and listen to people in this moment and respect where they're coming from regardless of whether or not it's where you're coming from. If you do get kneecapped Andy CAPP with people whether it's over an audio or whether it's in person, and you really do get inside their life. It is so much more difficult to be uncivil and to be prejudiced. Totally it breaks it down on Ben Shapiro's podcast last week that aired on Sunday. And he and I were talking about that. And and as long form interview is an hour long. But it was the same thing we're talking about the lack of civility. And you know, what is what solves that? And it is you know being together. If you don't have any friends that aren't like you. You know, you're pretty narrow minded by definition by definition. And so you need some friends or at least some good acquaintances. Maybe they're not your closest friends. But I mean, my my crew that I run with I'm gonna share values with and those kinds of things, but but one ring out or two rings out some people that are different color, a different sex than me different religion than me. And if you can't talk about it because it's not allowed to discuss it. Then it makes it worse. And I think that's what happened has happened. When we've scrubbed everything clean religion. It's loud. It's not allowed people to be authentic. But if you think about the more profound conversations that you've had with people it always goes back to some form of God it does. And it's usually somebody that you don't agree with that just learning to sit down, and listen and have respectful dissent. But you know, it breaks it down like you said if you. Get to know somebody put the keyboard, courage aside. But if you take the time to get to know somebody just come to the table. Well, it's just interesting intellectually to learn from someone that's different right? And you have to be ready to explain the hope that is within you. And how do you do that? You do that by informing yourself and listening to other people in really digging into why it is you believe what it is. You believe so mentioned a couple of the people. But let's go back over some of them that you interviewed for season one. And what are some of the things that you went? Wow. I didn't see that coming. I learned I interviewed Raza ostlund who is an author and religious scholar. I learned a ton about Islam, and I graduated from Christian college with the bible minor. And my studied other religions I learned a ton about Islam just by sitting down and talking with him. You know, Luke, Bryan has gone through more tragedy than I think any of us will ever experience in this life losing a brother losing a sister, losing brother-in-law and just seen how his faith. He wouldn't be able to to. To press forward. If it weren't for his faith talking to Tim Tibo about identity. I don't think anybody has failed. So spectacularly you could say as Tim Tibo, you know, he he chucks up the NFL to a failure. But it's these big conversations were having about identity. What if your identity is all and football and baseball and your radio show? What happens when all of that is taken away from you. So we're able to have these really profound conversations and everybody story is so different. It's been so different. And I just I know that for me personally listening to other people's recount their stories and their journeys. It's only deepened my personal faith. It really has Luke Bryan Hillary, Scott, Ben Shapiro. Tim. Tebow Kellyanne Conway and Robert Roberts. I actually know all of them Sherri shepherd, at least, I don't know Kellyanne that like. That was a controversial..

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