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I don't know how many home runs I. Was sitting on their that's Jackson himself from the film now he had just completed his. Senior season. Of, college, football which had gone even better Dave O'Connor again football his senior year is one of the. All-time great seasons of a running back. In college football he Russia's for nearly eighteen hundred yards he wins the Heisman Trophy, and basically enshrines himself as a legend of college football sort of the common wisdom was that. Bo will be the number one draft pick. And football he will, probably not play baseball at all and if he does somebody should pick him in the twentieth, round? Or thirtieth round on a flyer just in case right you don't wanna waste a, pick? On a guy who's going to be playing football right So while finishing up his college baseball career Jackson. Starts getting courted by NFL teams the football. Draft happens before the, baseball draft the number one overall NFL pick is held by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are, owned? By man named Hugh Culverhouse the bucks have made it clear that they want Bo, Jackson I was all gung ho I taken a few, trips to visit some teams my senior got the okay. To go visit Tampa Bay Hugh Culverhouse set his jet to Columbus airport Drove over got on. The jet went to Tampa Bay from visit it was almost like a college visit when you're a high school senior and you're going to visit a college and they get some of the players to show you around town to show you the nightspots take you to a nice restaurant and. Entertain you about four, or five days later I'm, back at Auburn getting ready for baseball. Game and I walked out on the field then as I get, to the gate to come around the dugout Coach bear approaches me He's abo- can I talk to? You for a second. I sure let's go. We're behind the All right so we go. Behind that. And I'm thinking that he's gonna tell me? Some big league team. Wants to salmon He said Take a trip last week on Hugh Culverhouse yet to go down to. Visit Tampa, I. Said yes and the folks checked and said that it was okay with the t. answered that it. Was okay To do that he said well Bo Somebody didn't check in the NCAA has declared. You ineligible for any more. College sports. So you can't play baseball no more I sit there on that ground in our. Cried like, a, baby I cry like a baby Bo.

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