Cohen, Special Counsel, Rod Rosenstein Muller discussed on The Dan Bongino Show


Now i'm gonna lay out to you why this is going on and why there don't miss this why they're targeting cohen and why only bob muller is the guy we are adding another chapter in my book today because last night boom something else happened got some new info and i was like yes now it makes sense i told you before that bob muller was the only guy they could have appointed to the special counsel because they are covering things up that happened in the clinton and obama years i'm going to get to those two in a second some of you may have heard them before but they're important in light of what's going on we had of course the failure to vet the dossier that involves one a bob muller chiefs of staff i'll get to that we had rod rosenstein muller involved in the rosatom case the precursor to the uranium one the buckle and the informant who knew hillary clinton was was was trying to be influenced by foreign operators we'll get to that a second to muller was intimately involved or his people in both of these muller was the only guy to run this smokescreen they are running this investigation right now to keep the attention on trump entirely to distract you from what bob muller hillary clinton barack obama susan rice samantha power john brennan jim clapper rod rosenstein and the whole swamp did it is crystal clear right now also convenient show what's coming out in the next few days the i report by michael horowitz the internal affairs report on the fbi's handling in the doj's handling of the hillary clinton case i told you this was going to be devastating because sessions team has been working on it around the clock and it is going to be damning and i'm telling you heads are gonna roll on this thing i know you don't believe me that's fine i putting my reputation on the line if it doesn't happen i'd have to recount i know it's going to happen i'm sure of it.

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