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Idea of how things work and I know Ramps up in Texas. I get that I understand that, but he has a pretty good idea of how to manage it made its things made its people and manage that job. The one thing that we've seen, though it is these guys that really play callers most of the time, probably eight out of 10 times once they get into that seat in, they usually back off the play, calling And I wonder how long he's going to try to hold on to it. How much of the game planning how much of the day today you know? Is he gonna be going there and breaking down Red Zone film from the left hash eyes? He gonna be breaking down short yardage tape in between the twenties against their opponents. I don't know if he has time to do that, especially the place like Texas. So That makes his staff important, but also I think the people around him that if he does have to go do those other things. They can manage their part of it and maybe other parts of it and then to I'll say this I think once guys get outside of the Nick Saban Structure umbrella. It's very easy to venture off, and it's very easy to not be the same because he essentially forces you to be what he needs you to be to be great and for you to be great. It's easy once. That's not there to sort of get away from it, And I think Steve Starkey, she needs a couple of guys around him that haven't understanding of what he needs to do and who he needs to be to be great. I think his staff is more important for that than it is any sort of game planning play calling, scheming recruiting anything, because if he could put that structure around him that has his best interest in mind to help him continue to be a great coach, that I think you could be successful in Texas. Couple names surfacing today as his replacement at Alabama, the offensive coordinator position that he leaves vacant Adam Case and Bill O'Brien two names that are radioactive in the NFL world. But if they go to the save in School of redemption, Cole who knows whether you end up in a couple of years, what are you hearing about that position and how next saving might try toe? Fill it and do either of these names comes as a surprise to you. I mean, there's certainly tied to save in from one way or another. But I was kind of surprised when I heard Adam Gays who has not developed a quarterback and quite some time that his name came up, and Bill O'Brien, who ran the Texans into the ground. Yeah. Adam gave surprised me. Corny. There's the I think if you ask me to name 10 15 20 candidates that I thought Nick statement might go higher. I don't believe he would have been on that list and we probably could've gone a lot further down before I would've put that name there. They obviously coach together. Tell us you were cases G A for saving and that relationships always gonna be valuable because once next, even trust you and you get into the inner circle, you're going to stay there. And that's one thing that he is is loyal. And so that that surprised me Just because I didn't really know that that relationship was what it was. Bill Brian did not surprise me at all. I think that when people think Alabama offense this year, they think well, they throw it around the throwing around and then maybe they'll use nausea little bit, but they do it in a little bit of a different way. This'll is very much a pro style offense. This is more of a Play action offense, and it is in our P o offense, which is more pro style on DSA. I think he wants someone that brings the running game the play action game. The multiple uses of tight ends The motions. The shifts the trades were shark start told me we run a motion offense. It's what we do and you go back and watch them in that game against Notre Dame. The majority the place you're going to see some sort of motion shift. Trade before the ball is snapped. So I think he wants one store cut from that tree that has that kind of an understanding. I think he saw the value of being able to work with and develop a quarterback. I understand when you're talking about an entire franchise. What Bill Brian is known for what he has seen as but I think when it comes to collegiate offensive coordinator that view might be very different for a lot of people, especially a guy like Nick Savings. So that does feel more like I mean, so the other names that I've heard thrown out like, Could he take you freeze from Liberty's gonna get Jeff Levy? From old Miss. You know some of those guys and I don't think that's the right. That's the direction that he wants to go. I don't think that's the style offense that he wants right now because he knows how well this offense worked this year. But I think he's got to get somebody that knows quarterbacks and those the quarterback position because they're gonna be breaking in price Young next year who has a little bit of experience and this is gonna be a second year in college, And obviously, things are gonna be a little bit different. Not having a guy like Mack Jones that had been in the system for four years. I had to go TV on you here call, but we literally have, like 30 seconds left. What can Brian Kelly do? What does he need to do to get Notre Dame over the hump, speed and athleticism? It's pretty easy. It's not hard, right? I'm not hard at all. I mean, he he needs guys who could run. He needs guys who can run with other people. He needs guys who could run past people and he needs guys who are athletic and gifted enough to be able to make people miss. Run over. People run through. People were not people down. And he doesn't have enough of those right now. A man is gifted enough athletic enough to take down a bloomin onion in like three bites on national television that that to me, man is all American status right there cold. We'll talk next week, buddy. We appreciate you. These guys are cool Cubic right here on ESPN Radio coming up next, the NFC playoff matchups that you don't want to miss. We had to pay to get a one game. Which one would it be? Probably figured out when it comes to my perspective. This is ESPN radio. So the bears.

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