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High waters north of chicago both very guelleh's not rainer more things are dis five or their debt better they're not says illinois governor bruce rounder we had record rains in southern wisconsin and southern wisconsin waters are flowing down here in northern illinois why why the fox river evidece waves river in those rivers could crashed by tomorrow sixty eight hundred homes or threatened in fox lake illiinois raise era mbeki says his dad's places in troubled spread the lakers coming into his backyard in the lower parts of the backyard flooded from the neighbors now flooding in in his wins going into the house last time this area was hit by flooding was 2013 and this time the damage could be worse sinkhole in pasco county florida keeps getting larger one home is already been destroyed another is badly damaged county public safety official kevin guthrie we've had horses of this house go into it into the seiko and you cannot say that works at a healthy organ so we we are believing that is probably a good video feed the eleven nearby homes have been evacuated and that sinkhole continues to expand the travel ban gets more attention this time it's the attorney general who's not happy sessions is furious with us district judge derek wants a new expanded the list of family relationships with american citizens that visa applicants can use to get into this country calling it micromanagement of the administration the attorney general said the ruling undermined us security and is promising to directly appeal to the supreme court cbs bill rakoff atop isis leader has been taken out national security correspondent david martin with that pentagon says you conducted a raid in afghanistan on the isis headquarters and killed the the leader of isis in afghanistan a man named abu shy yet some of the deaths of the us soldiers in afghanistan this year have been caused by ices not to the taliban two suspects under arrest in bucks county pennsylvania bodies of four missing men found identified had been burned in were discovered on a farm owned by one suspects family the a matthew weintraub very very relieved to say that we brought for young men one step closer to their loved ones and so they can rest in.

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