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Also on sale now he'll be there in late March the twenty second twenty third and twenty four which is Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. So you gotta be on top of the law vents, man. They're sneaking up on its Bruce pitcher dot com, and Bruce one of the things I wanted to, you know, do on this show take maybe a little bit of a different approach because sometimes I like to cross examine the, and that's not really what today is gonna be about. Just want sell. -brate the life and times of Beijing, Oakland, you know, one of the things I was thinking about its high. We're going to cover the good the bad the ugly with being, gene. There is no bad. There is no, yeah. I can't think of any ugly, gene. Yeah. I can't think of any bad, you know, obviously had some some health issues. But he's one of those rare guys I never heard anybody say bad word about now. You're not going to either. And gene Oakland was he was a friend. He was colleague, and it was educational to get to be around, gene all those years. And I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it. Well, let's start from the beginning. Gene was born Eugene Arthur Oakland on December nineteenth nineteen forty two in South Dakota of all places, and he grew up he described himself as a semi wrestling fan. He would watch it when it came on late night in the fifties. Of course, he's watching Awa up there. And then eventually when he goes to college he he goes to the university of Nebraska where the guy who would go on to be the baron baron. Von Raschke, any good early main, gene Raslan stories, you can remember is like back in that day. Everybody had a favorite or a moment or memory? I mean, even now I guess I can point to lob events it'd be like that's what I was wrestling fan. You know, I guess back in in the day during that time, especially in that area. It was all about Vern ganja was all about the A and growing up in that area. If you didn't know who earn ganja was he was more popular than the pope in many ways. So it was that was the big deal. Then in that was that was the guy. That's gene grew up on. He didn't just jump right in the wrestling business that which I think a lot of people assume that that was always the plan, but it really wasn't he graduates college and goes into radio, which makes sense. I mean, he had one hell of a voice and he's winding up at Kailai L Omaha. Nebraska, eventually moves to Minneapolis continues. In radio has about a nine year run there. He also starts eventually sailing for a television station in Minneapolis and television sales. That's that's not an easy sell as -burse. Now. It isn't. But at the same time when you you are salesman. Okay. So, you know. Gene, Oakland was the epitome of salesman. He was constantly selling which made him such great pitch, man. And that's why he was such a good interviewer because he knew what points to hit to get people interested in the product and make them get off their sofa come down and see the live events. Well, and so that's sort sorta how this all happened. You know, feel like we told a similar story on eighty three weeks there Michelle for he talked about how the announcer for the Awa was arrested for DUI couldn't make a shot. And then they asked the guy in and sales who had a good look come hold this microphone, and that's how air Bischoff got into wrestling and main gene, oddly enough has some similar story where the way is doing a live show every Saturday night and has gone. Mario Neil the announcer for the one day. He's ill. I can't come to work. So they asked Jean to come in and host the w that day, and gene has said he didn't really know much about wrestling as far as what to call the moon news, the holds and Vern told him to just sit down and call what you see and jeans. That's probably the best vice he'd ever got. The story of how this is really just a happy accident and maintain wads on the wrestling business as incredible as not an it's funny because that story is so similar a lot of the greats..

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