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I came home and I had two kids, and I gave my daughter. You know, this iPod to use. And I gave my son the zoom. And did he say, why do you hate me, mom? He did you love? Do you love Laura Peter? You can have a zoom. We got him an iPod after that. A shuffle, by the way, that was the years of the iPod shuffle even smaller with more capacity. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. How many iPods, I mean, we all have owned probably most of them. I even bought my sister, the U2, the black and red U2 iPod, was loaded with U2 albums. Come to think of it, there's been a long heritage of love between Apple and Bono for some reason. I'm not sure I really understand that. Well, it wasn't just. It wasn't just the YouTube iPod. It was the first time that Bono and U2 had licensed their music digitally. Right? Big deal. Unlike a lot of musicians. So that's why it was a big deal. That was a big deal, getting them to say, okay, you can sell it digitally. Remember, God, people moved so fast. You forget bands did not allow digital copies of their music. They were terrified by the whole thing. Nafta boy. My wife. Yeah. This was the other thing that I mean this was an early MP3 player. This was for a car obviously. But this has always had a laser disc was that a hard drive in it. This is a Rio. Exactly. And I had the little small portable Rio as well the diamond Rio that was predated the pod. But the thing that all of these did wrong, we even did many shows on the screensavers are about building your own, put a computer in your truck. MP3s on a hard drive. But the thing was hard about all these navigation. It was miserable, finding your music and playing it was miserable. And was it really a brilliant Tony Fidel came up with the designer of the iPod to have that click wheel? These actually are sold. They actually turn. But they held up. I click sound as one of the things you could just play you know. Well, dial up. You know, exactly. People know it. Yeah. A lot of Britney Spears on this one. I'm just going to say it must have been my daughters. Where she was the last one to have it. I'm going to defend myself. I'm going to defend the zoom. The first brown zune, not great. But at the end of the zune, the zune HD was actually a really good music device. And I was kind of sad that Microsoft having finally perfected that device gave up on. But I was going to say by the time it got good, they were already they had already lost. Yeah. I guess that's what it was. It was too much headwind. Yeah, it's funny. There's actually a huge following. If you go check out Reddit, there's a huge following people still love that device. The HD and HD. Yeah. I think that was in every it was kind of the Windows Phone of music players because it had a great interface at a big screen. It was kind of in every way superior to the competition. But it was too late. Just like the Windows Phone. It was over. You know? I was kind of sad about that. That was shortly after Microsoft gave up its music. You used to be able to buy music from Microsoft and all of that and they gave up all of that. Hard to believe 20 years ago and does your son still think you'll like your daughter better? No, he has bought him iPhone. So he's been redeemed. That's good. I'm glad to say we talked about this when it happened proton mail got a lot of heat for handing over information about one of its customers to the authorities as part of a French investigation that led to arrest of climate activists at the time the company said we had to comply with a Swiss court order. To provide data, of course, proton mail became famous for saying we will never do that. You encrypt your mail. No one can read it, and we do not keep track of you and they took that off the website when that case came out. But the good news is proton has appealed and they just won a Swiss court is upheld the appeal of proton, limiting its obligation to monitor traffic and retain data for surveillance purposes. So good for I want to give him credit because we bashed him a little bit when they handed that data over, understanding that, you know what, if you're in a country, you have to obey the laws of the country. I think I bashed him more for saying they didn't have to. And giving people a false impression that they didn't have to. But the good news is they have continued to fight. And they've got what end of the end, the CEO says was an important first step in their campaign to advance privacy and freedom. So to be fair, proton mail has fought and won too late for the French climate activists were never heard from again. But still, that's good news. I wanted to give him credit. Anybody watching the squid game? I watched it. What'd you think? I think it's a tale as old as time. Oh, oh. That's Beauty and the Beast, I think. I mean, you.

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