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You're listening to the rich Eisen. All right. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show. And please welcome right here sitting to my left Kiel O'neil, making his way to the studio. Same which Steve Mariucci? We just said goodbye to Christian McCaffrey. But police say Hello to Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver juju Smith Schuster here on the retirement. How's life? It's great man's and busy yesterday and today. Okay, going are you finally Twenty-one yet or you twenty? I'm twenty two now twenty two hundred twenty two you're to start getting gray. And you're right. No interest. Well, certainly, you know, what goes on in Pittsburgh from time to time that'll make you lose your hair too. Yeah. Like the Kardashians. It's tough to keep up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yeah. But it's just watching you play you play with a certain, you know. Shall we say enjoyment that comes through where where did that come from? Juju knowledgeably believe that the monomer rule. Life is always happen. And I've been doing this since I was a kid. I'm obviously, I love this game and everything that comes with it. It's just a plus, but you out there and play football that I've been doing this as I was four years old. It's just what I love Dylan's enjoyment out of love to have fun. And you still riding your bike you still doing that. Or that's gone. It's no nausea five bikes. You know, I ride during the summer. Not now, I'm like a blizzard in Pittsburgh right now. Okay. Yeah. So you don't ride in the cold weather now say, you're from southern California. Are you not? Yep. Okay. You went to USC. How do you handle the cold? You got to embrace it. I think over time period. You know, you get used to it. You play you practice in it. And then come game days are bandage. Okay. So before we get to Gatorade here. I I mean, everybody's talking to you about Antonio Brown show. Yeah. For sure. So that's my way of getting right into it. Well, I mean, you know, we just gotta cut straight to the chase. We could ask I could ask you about. Would you like me to ask about Darius Hayward bay? Instead. I mean, I don't know if that's got the same sort of Jews to it Ryan Switzer when the last time when was the last time you spoke to in Tonio Brown was last time. I was I'd season. This season after that it's been vacation and don't bother him. Okay. But you talk to other teammates, though. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Was just the Pro Bowl with some other guys. He'll camera. Hey, we're in pouncey all those guys. You know? I talked to thought to Ryan Spitzer if you're wondering. Yeah. I am wondering if you talked to riots with. We talked about basketball. Okay. So do you. Have you spoken to your coach, Mike Tomlin? It'd be spoken. I spoke to him. Two two days ago. Okay. Big ben. Have you spoken to big I spoke to bed. What's he up to? Jenin in Pittsburgh. That's it. Yeah. Okay. So I I think you know, where I'm driving at here is is Antonio is Instagram Al pictures of himself wearing San Francisco forty Niner uniform, and and art Rooney is saying essentially that he thinks it's not fixable. When many ways do you think that it is fixable with Antonio Brown? I think I think over time appear is going to hell. I mean at the end of the day, you know, I think Antonio Brown. He believes black and gold. He's the slowest for life. You can see his career number. She's put up it's been amazing the chemistry. They has what ban is unbelievable because of the number. She's put up, and I think he's days. I don't think he goes anywhere else. Honestly, we have all the pieces to the puzzle. And we all stay and just play together for one goal. We win the Super Bowl. Do you think? Your emergence in any way has gotten him a little jealous. I think the competitiveness. I don't think. It's more jealousy. You know, wants to be better, you know, me being on a team makes him better. And he he makes me better, and we just compete. What about you being voted MVP the team? What does that mean to you? I mean means the world honesty to hide your peers. Thank you. MVP? There's so many great players on the team that can want it and tell me to go and received this award is been has been crazy. But I mean, I in in you being asked about the state of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do you think this the whatever was going on whatever did go on whatever what we assumed was going on did in fact lead to you not going on into the playoffs when it's all said and done. Our season. You know, we started off with a situation with with Al bell. And then, you know, the situation, you know, AB at the end of the day there was during the season that, you know, James Connor did amazing. He had over a thousand yards. You know, his t's, and he he filled that role me AB had a hundred catches plus had a thousand dollars. You know, there's games or over. We just fell short. You know, whether it's you know missed field goal or do interception in the end zone. Lotteries is why we fell short towards the end of the fumble against the saints. I calls as lotteries is why at the end we had to depend on another team. We were all watching the state, and we shouldn't be doing that. Okay. So you're here courtesy of Gatorade. And Gatorade zero as we have right here on the desk right here. And there you go. That's yours is this mine. Yeah. Can I can I use it to hydrate? You know, I'm running this weekend. Okay. Forty yard dash. Juju I'm doing it against using bolts this week. Do you have any tips any suggestion other than obviously hydrating with Gatorade zero prior? And after honesty, I will just say is getting Israel for your workouts. And I'm pretty sure you'll be fascinating were last year. See that's why you're you're voted MVP. You're good guy. You you know, you you make your teammates better. And I consider myself a teammate of yours right here before I let you go, sir. Because I know that you're heading to radio row as well. What do you think wins the SuperBowl? You've beaten the patriots yourself. And obviously, you know, the Rams having watched the my assume throughout the play offs. What do you got for me? Right. So I got the Rams Wendy. I'm thinking the Rams. I'm Elliot native. Okay. I want to see this franchise when a Super Bowl and because I got. Donnas MVP. Four to five sacks saying, okay and thirty it's twenty seven. Score. 'cause you're thinking these thirty twenty-seven Rams Aaron Donald and I got winning the photo for them. That is a specific is it possibly. Roundabouts often round of applause.

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