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Hello and welcome to the august two thousand nineteen stolman of from the files wiles the companion podcast case fall through krahn this month where joined by special guests stuart mullins australian researcher who has been investigating the in nineteen sixty six disappearance of the beaumont children for over a decade stewart felt a personal connection to the case having grown up in the south australian suburb suburb of glen l. Get the same time that jane honor and grint beaumont went missing. He has since worked along saw true crime author allen waco to publish several bestselling books on the notorious case following a credible tip-off stewart with the expert assistance of poverty investigative bill hayes uncovered a new the person of interest they firmly believe was responsible for the crime stewart speaks with us about his involvement in the case and how australia's most enduring mystery st may be solved not before our interview which jewett here at the latest case updates for this month the first installment monosso from the files baited an update on episode three laura bobble and actually freeman the sixteen year olds were abducted during a home invasion at the freemen's oklahoma oklahoma house on december twenty nine nineteen ninety nine during which both of ashley's parents were murdered and the property was set a lot lower and ashley they were never found and the investigation stalled for almost two decades until april two thousand eighteen when sixty-six-year-old runny jiang's busey was was arrested and charged with all cans of first degree murder two other men but deceased were also identified as suspects in late july two thousand nineteen it was announced that investigators would be commencing a new search for laura industrials remains in the abandoned oklahoma mining town of pizza feature near the former residence of deceased suspect warren philip welsh authorities believed the teenagers were held captive welches. My ball hunt hunt for several days before they murder multiple witnesses have told authorities that the three men disposed of the buddies the by throwing them into a launch off or cella sela that was later filled with concrete over the years mowing chaffetz impeach have collapsed and filled with water creating ponds that measure up to one hundred feet wide and twenty five fate day on july thirty ground penetrating radar adoph tame and an underwater drone will use to search search the ponds but nothing of significance was recovered. Laura's mother said that while she was grateful for the efforts it is difficult not to get her hopes up with a new surge telling reporters you will always want to fall on something you want today to be the day that that pod ends so walk in go wow on to the next but i also now it's just part of the process episode though attain of case fall focused on the family really cool mode is a series of shootings and bombings that took place in sydney between nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety-five judges and other individuals associated associated with the family court of australia targeted resulting in the deaths of stephen blanche odd david oprah's pull watson and graham walks on on july twenty nine two thousand fifteen brother in law of the first victim and longtime person of interest sixty eight year old leonard john warwick was charged with full cans of murder one of attempted murder and wounding maiming with an explosive substance warwick's trawl beginning may two thousand eighteen eighteen but has since experienced a number of setbacks and ongoing delays in february two thousand nineteen had emerged that warrick was destitute and the no longer able to afford his current legal representation leading to justice paid golly granting legal aid in june two thousand nine taint the legal aid representatives withdrew from the case after warrick claimed they had bullied in he described his three public defenders as a joke and claimed they were in a rush to finish his trial said i could quote get back out to the money he's illegal. Funding was therefore terminated <music> in august two thousand nineteen works original solicitor. Alan cohen begin representing warwick again on a temporary basis. Hey applaud i i i of the trial until warwick can afford legal representation and requested. He's client undergo psychological examination to determine his capacity to instruct it lawyers on august twelve justice. Elizabeth fullerton rejected the bid for an examination. This application was also rejected it did and works trolleys ju to recommence this month in episode thirty seven of case fall we covered the crimes of a serial killer paid a suck cliff also known as the yorkshire ripper he murdered thirteen women throughout northern england between nineteen seventy five and nineteen eighty sutcliffe was convicted in nineteen ninety-one then sentenced to twenty concurrent life sentences after justice leslie boreham rejected he's play of diminished east responsibility due to mental illness in july two thousand nineteen the sun and the daily star reported in the u._k. That suckley has requested british journalist and television personality peas morgan make a documentary about his case to examine. He's mental illness. Suckley was reportedly reportedly inspired after watching morgan's documentary sokha path in which he interviews convicted child killer paris bennett who noted he's full year old sister when he was zyppah thirteen sutcliffe told a fellow inmate at franklin prison that he believes morgan would quote examine all the faults with more trial until the judge ivor ruled all the doctors which was wrong able dine realize it was a mental illness but i went to full trial in the second episode of from the files we detailed renewed search efforts to find the body of twenty five year old british real estate agent suzy lamp. Lou who <unk> disappeared after a province showing a house covered in episode forty eight of case fall in july two thousand nineteen fullness scotland yard detective david david david set who has spent threes investigating suzy's case published a post on his website accusing london's metropolitan police of ignoring new evidence that he has uncovered vid set claims the police have been too focused on that prime suspect convicted rapist and murderer john cannon uh when he believes their investigation has been flawed from the outset july twenty eight two thousand nineteen mocked thirty three years since suzy's lucy's disappearance days after the anniversary vid set posted a tweet stating he has provided police with evidence highlighting a new suspect who is quote alive and at lodge in response the london metropolitan police released a statement that read the case remains open ended the met remained committed to bringing suzy's killer to justice. We will continue to assess any new information that comes in anyone anyone with information that could assist the investigation is asked to call zero two zero seven two three zero four two nine four episode fifty six case fall covered the nineteen ninety-six murder of twenty six year old nurse and nate a koby who was abducted adopted by a group of five men as she will time from the black town railway station in sydney after dinner out with friends bull faulk perpetrators john travis arkell murdoch and brothers markle gary and delays murphy was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in june two dasm nineteen gary murphy nail aged sixty one was attacked in prison shell of block by a group of two white other inmates god's fanned menefee in a critical condition and he was rushed a saint vincent's hospital where he underwent treatment for head injuries. He was later transferred to prince of wales hospital in sydney's. He's in a sale where he stayed for a month. Before returning to prison. Murphy has insisted he's injuries caused by slipping in the show in response to the news and natives husband. John coby told reporters from the daily telegraph that he would block to buy a bottle of champagne for those responsible for the attack. I'm not one to celebrate people being hurt but in this case or hope they broke a lot of bones later emerged that john coby had actually been receiving treatment for a chest infection at the same hospital tom he only learned of murphy's presence there opt. He's release telling the daily telegraph. It was just as well. I didn't know or a would have tried to do something while i have dreamt for years and and still do about killing them. It never goes away. The next update relates to episode fifty eight of case fall shannon matthews in february two thousand night the nine year old was kidnapped and held captive for twenty four days as part of a money-making scam concocted by her mother karen matthews and karen's boyfriend's uncle markle donovan the plan was donovan to pretend he had found shannon and and then split the fifty thousand pound missing person reward with karen often shannon was discovered a law of dwell by police shea and seek siblings were sent went to live with foster families. Matthews and donovan was sentenced to using prison but matthews was released in two thousand twelve bafta serving just hoffer. I sentence in late july two thousand nineteen. The sun newspaper reported that matthews who now resides in the south east of england wants to wrote letters to each of her children asking forgiveness a source told.

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