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Were different. Warren G. Harding. Oh, wow. About to regulate, huh? Was born in blooming grove, Ohio. Okay? As a child, he was nicknamed Winnie. Wow. His mom was a midwife. Dad was a farmer and a teacher, and then he became a doctor after one year of training. As it's done, there were abolitionists. When Warren was 11, his dad bought the Argus newspaper. Jesus Christ. You could just do so much more shit. Yeah. So he's a doctor and he's a farmer. Teacher. Teacher, and he owns a paper. Yeah. Okay. Warren learned the newspaper business at a young age. And then at 14, he went to college and started putting out a small newspaper of his own. Okay. Interesting. After your he moved to Marion, where he bought the Marion star newspaper for $300. Wow. Just what is that today? That's like 500? That's like a subscription to a paper for a year. Right. At this point. The audit, okay? He turned it into a paper that supported moderate Republicans, and it started doing very well. Okay. Interesting. So he assumed the number one paper in town, and he would often attack local developers as everybody should do. And he specifically attacked the biggest developer in town Amos hall cling. Wow, yeah, for sure. Yep. So cling hates Warren. Yeah, well, he's fucking his life up, right? Yeah. Yeah. Now, cling out a daughter named Florence, and she worked in his father's business. She knew it very well. She'd often clash with her dad, and then he'd whip her with a cherry switch. Oh my God. How old is she? 42. No, I mean, well, there's no. Well, roughly. How is it teen? Wow, Jesus Christ. There's a lot of problems there. Yeah, yeah. Working at the paper then, and then also, and what was she whipped with? A cherry switch. Right, sure. You have one. Absolutely. What does it do? It changes cherries to different berries. That's right. Yep. You can just sort of make cherries from a top into a bottom. Sure. Yeah. I'm not with you, so. You have no idea you have no idea what the reference is. At 19, she eloped with a guy that her family hated. Okay. Or she may not have eloped. We're not really sure it was probably just a cover story because she was pregnant. So she said she alone. She said she elope, but potentially that was just so it sounds like she kind of elope open. She made up the eloping. Yeah, that's I like that move. I'm going to do that. Next time I get guff from assholes like you. Yeah, I got married a month ago. Shut the fuck up. I don't think you know anything about how marriage works. Yeah, I do. Yeah, you trade cattle 400 stuff. It's an livestock exchange, and then you get grains in exchange, and then I get it. I've been married. I love last week, actually. Don't make me get that cherry switch. Or maybe you should. Now I get it. Now he gets it. So her husband was an alcoholic or her potential fake husband who impregnated her. And then he just left on New Year's Eve 1882. And he was just gone. Sure. Well, he made a resolution. You got to stick to it. Done with this. Starting today. She refuses to move back in with her dad. Wow. It sounds so good though, okay. And she just worked as a piano teacher and she rented out rooms in the house that she had. And then her father eventually offers her a deal. And the deal is that he will take her son. And raise him and she just won't be a mom anymore. So she did it. She took it. Yeah, she's a great. Great. You've been a great father to me. Absolutely. Let's make this a generational thing. Yeah, beat them. Beat them a few times for me. Is the craziest part of this story, a young person owning property? Well, she's 20. Sorry. What an old person. So she's pretty old. I think most of you guys owned houses at 20, yeah? Oh yeah, it's easy to get. Absolutely. Boomers are like, yeah. What? You don't have $15,000 for a three bedroom house and a two car garage. Here's just what? $22,000? Well, you paid $50 for college, so now you can get a house. Yeah. I acted like it's so hard to get a house. Lord. So she was freed up. She was a single lady again. And I'm glad you spun that. Like a feel good moment. Yeah. Yeah. She's abandoned her child. Yes. Yeah. All.

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