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Don't don't don't sometimes it just happens. CVS is much better. Don't drop by Walgreens what we've doesn't really have it together my chapelcross. CBS All about it. Because we actually plus dot com seventy three right. Now it's GonNa earn seven bucks giving it to give it an eight multiple. That's really reasonable. You still got another twelve thirteen points go so let's see hey by the way we're throwing. CBS CBS VIACOM CBS. That's in to for to for all right. Let's go to Steve Steve O in Dallas country by the way tack Prescott. Maybe maybe not Stephen South Dakota Steve. Yes you're right you got to you. You guys got a great tight end from here So with visor Barons just posted something a few days ago. They were talking about the top ten in stocks for twenty twenty and they named advisor as one of them they also just increase their dividend a few days ago there about three eight now. My only concern with assizes is you've you've seen some other. Big Farmers like like Bristol. Myers Squibb Lily. They've their stock. Appreciate it quite a bit lately whereas visors just kind of instructing the sand. What do you think that's fine sir? That is what five adviser is Steve. It is slow. It's steady but it does win some Saum races not all. I'm okay with the yield. I'm okay with Pfizer. Not Crazy about it but okay with it. I like this more. I'm going to Mike in Oregon might. Hey Jim Cramer blue. Yeah we go ducks. I like the duck here. What's up? Oh Hey I've got a concerned about Lockheed Martin I've been You know I worked for three or four years been biased. I was twenty five loaded ended up my niece off in consistently it. It keeps overwhelming my portfolio. And now I'm sixty six and retired and again yeah. It is overwhelming my portfolio and my money manager is saying what do you WanNa do. I'm at forty two percent and he's and I'm debating whether I should trim trim back when you told me that number I'm going to have to side with your money manager centrally cyber. I work closer with everybody. That is a little too much Typically your age which by the way regards very young and.

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