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Everyone. Poppy Harlow here this week on. Cnn's boss fouls podcast we sit down with WNBA. Commissioner Cathy Engelbert. She is the first woman to hold that title commissioner of the Wnba a move that empowers women in professional sports. She opens up about her personal relationship with Kobe Bryant. And what he and his thirteen year old daughter. Jonah meant for the future of women's basketball. We also get into the tough negotiations. Run the new collective bargaining agreement that has left players with higher salaries and paid family leave. She says players in the League are activists and take a stand on social issues. And then wait until you hear the story about her father and why he turned down an opportunity to play in the NBA. Help you can check it out. Subscribe to spouse today because she watched the comedy podcast. Which brings you brand new ideas. Tv shows and movies where.

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