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Oh big week bird may you're done i am dotted all your your stuff in there i i'm yeah okay cool yeah so the guess which may be do you want to start at the nfc takeover then kazaam thought ariza overall pretty pretty pretty damn solid show would you think i i really enjoyed it i really did um you know i i i feel like i got a start with the main event with almas and gargano and we will talk about this match more because our guest this week might get is one i got yawns your congratulations your purse gil young johnny gargano johnny wrestling jiang mafai johnnie johnnie recommended ding ding man this guy while we'll get into it but what a match there was a great match and you know here's the thing too for me i haven't seen i've seen him wrestled for agassi cinnamon tag matches in that haven't seen a ton of but this is the first like a real long singles match uh that i've ever seen him have emma shame on you while on it just this way it is another super impressed wit with with johnny i thought he was a he played the underdog role perfectly and could very well be the the new dana brian in a sense you know and and i hate attaching that right of thing because he's his own thing but i i get what you're saying just for me from a size standpoint sure but a but he really is his own wrestler entirely and and we'll get into it but a a just such a well put together finely crafted beal piece of art rc with great interest so many elements to it almost as a very good these really gore man am here's here's the thing to right in its two two two to work maybe even his first like real highlighted spotlighted main event match it's it's a hard thing to do like you have to realize that it takes another gear.

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