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It may happen today at two o'clock but on the other hand it may not happen as you may know I set up a miss into the governor saying you know what what about bowling alleys as far as opening they're not Jim specifically and we have a great bowling structure in the tri state from or Langer to Middletown all places in between in fact Tony Bender loves the stick his finger in many bowling balls and he's thrown seventeen three hundred games which is amazing seventeen three hundred games on my high scores like two twenty five so there's a whole bowling structure in the tri state not being served because they're not a gym I wanted to check in what was one of the great proprietors of the tri state when it comes to bowling and that is Mike gray at Madison bowl and my great Madison bowl welcome to the bill Cunningham shown my calorie good Sir how are you good good let's go back in time to like November December there was a party at Madison bowl I found myself they're throwing a ball summer someone got a hold of me you knew somebody and I showed up and I congratulate some guy on his fortieth birthday and it was a party and it was happening I don't know who they were but somebody asked me just to show up and I did because that's kind of guy that I am and it was packed and stacked people running around like crazy people having fun you can't do that anymore what's happening today here we are the middle of may at Memorial Day weekend what's happening at Madison bowl R. right now nothing we have no clue or have had no type of contact with the governor none of the bowling centers have the born sinners in Ohio were classified as far as tourism and travel tourism and Taurus yes so you're saying there's people showing up from Holland I want to commend and tore the inside a medicine ball historicism we were classified as not as sports really which is one of the furthest thing from the truth the governor's board has borne centers in travel tourism advisory group and there is not one single solitary person from the industry in Ohio on that board to report to the governor how much money has your group contributed to the door wine used to campaigns we are not be zero yes we I believe that the governor was doing the right thing when this first started but to not communicate and we are one of the only industry that has no say so we have over to learn sixty centers in Ohio we have twenty four centers in Cincinnati area we have one of the longest existing all of planes in the area and we have no input we have no clue we haven't talked to a single person my great day how are you classified like travel and tourism kinda like kings island or something how you classify with them that I don't think bowling is about travel and tourism almost everyone the bulls live with that live within a few miles of their center no one's traveling from Chicago to come to Madison bowl how that happened we have no idea no we we we can't we we have no idea we have we cannot get that answer the the people of the bowling center association of Ohio has been in contact with the governor and his panels and we have got no answers from them on that therefore when we practice social does anything it's going to be easy for us we can go every other lane you're going to be six feet apart you've been inside all born center we practice cleaning were one of the cleanest places around sure no we also are one of the only things you can do when you're six or when you're a hundred and six we have a large community of people in here I've I've been in the boulders trees about eighteen I'm now fifty six I actually know people in here that are three and four generations of family not you ball your ball I used to bowl let's see more lanes every now and then I threw a ball to Kenwood lanes before they closed I might have thrown a ball there into Madison bowl in the good old days when my friend Connie Darkwing ransom bowling center so how can I I don't I'm not sure what my relationship is with the governor I tell you what I'll send him a message if I can before two o'clock to say what about the bowling centers because if you're politically connected you know pay to play you get a lot more grace well a lot more essential activities than if you're not connected politically and so you guys in the bowling centers two hundred sixty in the state of Ohio you're you're not really politically connected you just worry about throwing bowling balls no worse small boards more group for small percentage of business and a lot what I feel like we're an important one more important portions of that it's important to you is in your family is that a block or two to get the board to the people the ball here I I I have been in the bowling center every single day since we close and I answer the phone every single day of people looking to when we going back do you have any idea if you have any information and I have to tell no well I can give you the phone number Marie's Thompson he's the attorney that does suit Amy acting on behalf of different industries other than yours and and and it's been reinstated in those industries which are worked out in gym area is big and the a judge yesterday ruled ME actives behavior unconstitutional and that would apply to you yeah again weakened social distance because of the way the system is set up in Bowling easily this can be accomplished very easily and you can open tomorrow yes all right let me do that salute because I know there's other people that are waiting for this to happen yeah here's could give a pen and paper I'm gonna give you his number on his website and I'll tell you what off the air I'll give you his personal cell phone how about that you have a great night his name was Maurice Thompson he can follow quickie motion in front of the judge in Lake County which is judge Eugene Lucci and I'm confident you'd be open up Marie's Thompson is his name and I tell you what off the air I don't want to give a cell phone on there are you when we when we hang up here you stay on don't hang up and I'll give you a cell phone you tell Marie's Thompson the attorney for the gems that that you want to be included in the essentially this is what the judge said about the behavior of Amy Acton that she acted without legislative authority she acted arbitrarily and wrongfully how bout this the general public would be harmed if an injunction is not granted there be diminishment of public morale and the feeling that one unelected official could exercise such unfettered power to force everyone to obey impermissibly oppressive vague arbitrary and unreasonable rules that the director of health devised and revised modified or reversed whenever she pleased without any legislative guides the public will be left with the feeling that their government is not accountable to them pro long lockdowns of dela Torre's effects upon the public psyche humans are naturally social beings socialization strengthens communities against disease and benefits psychological health and went on to say jams all these other things open immediately and I tell you what let's I'm gonna conclude this and assist they on hold I'm a give you a cell phone number and maybe by the weekend which is you know beginning tomorrow you can be included in this and get open would that be helpful that would be fantastic thank you very much for the time I hold on I don't move Mike okay stay right there okay I'm gonna give Mike his personal cell phone this is again a circumstance when these August panels get together if you're connected if you're a contributor if you're well known you get on the panel and if you've given money then you're on the panel and if you promise to give money in the future then you're really on the panel and for the bowlers of the tri state if you're not connected you can't get on the panel and so let's take a short break when we continue I'm gonna go off the air with my can given the personal cell phone of the attorney who can get this done let's continue with more bill Cunningham the great American live with you on your behalf news radio seven hundred WLW working from home.

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