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Sports play. Peter Schwartz and we start with game three of the National League division series there in the bottom of the seventh inning in the Braves lead the dodgers six too far with the dodgers up two games to non the Braves dipped out to a five nothing lead. The dodgers came back to tie. But FREDDY Freeman snap the child with a home run on the bottom all the sixth inning in the other LDS was a clean sweep. One in the right center. Indeed way back. More on a bribe bright Senator Bob euchre brewers radio burgers complete the free game. Sweep they advanced with a six nothing win over the rocky not of the NFL Sunday night games on the fourth quarter and the Texans have just taken a sixteen thirteen later on the Cowboys. Now, the Philadelphia rematch of last season's NFC championship game play action. Kirk looking passing locker. Flag on the plane. He caught a touchdown. Batum dealin back up to the end zone. Unofficially biking's. Touchdown Paul Allen on Vikings ready on the Vikings beat the eagles twenty three twenty one. Meanwhile, and orchard park the Bill Stroud, the titans twelve ten in the final seconds snap is good. The whole this down. How she's got plenty of leg up. God. Tennessee titans. Thirteen. Jon Murphy on bills radio elsewhere week five. The Rams beat the Seahawks. Thirty three thirty one cardinals over the Niners twenty eight eighteen Graham Gano with a sixty three yard field goal with no time left. The Panthers beat the giants. Thirty three thirty one was the chargers. Twenty-six writers. Ten Steelers beat the falcons forty one seventeen jets topped the Broncos thirty four sixteen the chiefs her five they beat the Jaguars thirty fourteen the Bengals with a couple of picks six is they beat the dolphins. Twenty-seven seventeen over time. The Browns get by the ravens twelve tonight. Greg Joseph winning thirty seven yard field goal, which is two seconds to go in overtime in Detroit. Matt Stafford with a couple of touchdown passes. The lions beat the Packers thirty one to twenty three and updating in Atlanta, they go top eight the Braves lead the dodgers six to five are Peter Schwartz. Hey, it's Bill Ryder. Join me on righter than you Monday.

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