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What you hear on CBS sports radio? Appreciate you tuning in the semi busy Saturday. Of football talk that goes back to last week. We start to look ahead to next week senior ball was today. We'll have a guest up to give you the insights of what happened down in mobile. You got the all star hockey game tonight. Yeah. We didn't get into the hall of fame yet with the baseball sending their guys off to Cooperstown this week. And by the way, we're right in the midst of the NBA season Lugovoi, the trade deadline all star games going to be here before you know, it gonna talk about both of those things would our next guest from the NBA dot com. And I gotta tell you his Twitter handle is one of the best. I've ever heard at Powell POW EL AL, the number two DA people would have capital P Powell to the people Sean Powell from NBA dot com joins us here on CBS sports radio. How are you shawny? Hey, man. Thanks for that intro. Appreciate it. I think that's one of the better Twitter handles I've ever seen just being honest with the folks. And I need to be honest with you. The NBA players embarrassed themselves greatly this week in my eyes. They were leased the numbers on who the NBA players voted for for the all star starter. So those who don't know the all-star starters to selected by a group of three the fans get fifty percent of the vote. The media gets twenty five percent and the players get twenty five percent of the vote and every player is allowed to vote for ten all-star starters. One hundred and one different players got votes some votes that haven't even played or barely blade in the first half in the NBA, and they're getting votes over legitimate starters who they were eventually selected, and I think the ten best players most deserve it probably got the nod. But no, thanks to the NBA players who some just used their ballots to four to five brand camps, and or return favors or pay off bats. That's the only way I can look at it. Are you as outraged by the lack of importance that the NBA players have put on their responsibility of voting for NBA all stars? I wouldn't use the term outrage. But I am amused. Because for so long you hear layers, and sometimes coaches about how voting and all star teams awards and things like that belong to the players because they know the game. And while I certainly don't question that when you have great numbers of people voting in anything they're going to be in equities. They're going to be fall. So there'd be some people who just aren't taking it seriously. So I think it really has to do with the amount of players voting when you get back. You're going to have you know, somebody's gonna vote for both basically. I think bozo. Got four votes. I might three. But I think he got four as a matter of fact. Yeah. Had no idea it really annoys the snot out of me because you're right there had been second guessing media and fans in previous votes for varying awards yet when given the chance to actually have a say in it some of them just make ridiculous elections. And yes, it did bother me a great deal despite that I said, I think that through the fans and the media's and no help to the players. They did get the ten best guys by best players knees. Five best players in the west. And they're going to broadcast the LeBron youngest draft this year. Which is a good thing. They probably should have done it last year. But they didn't know I was going to work out this year. They decide we could guide and broadcasting which is a good thing for TNT. Is the NBA all star game going to be fun this year? We've only got to start a we still got reserved jet to go. But as the draft on TV going to work for you. Yeah. Because it basically puts a camera onto the whole process, and we get to see how the sausage is made. And I think that's good. Yeah. There's gonna be some I'm not gonna use the word of embarrassment because how would you how would you be embarrassed by being chosen to the all star team? However, there's gonna be some distinction to the player who used to be the last thing. I can tell you one thing that player who's going to be a last could be thankful. He's he's gonna be there. It just removes all the mystery from it. We get to see how the brand really feels about his peers we'll get to see Janas and in that kind of situation where it's all new to him. And I hopefully, hopefully it'll be entertaining as well. I think they get a chance to have a big time winner here with this. We'll see how they actually produce it. Now, the guys themselves produce, I think LeBron will probably be pretty good. Does the fact that he hadn't played in a while have any effect on it? He may be able to get into a game before Thursday night. My guess is not does that diminish at it, all in your mind. No because first of all deserving. She's had an incredible year even notes that interrupted and also the game itself. I don't get the idea that players who could go into the game a little bit gimpy they don't take chances. I don't think you'll see LeBron James playing may have heavy minute. He made himself out of there might be a minute restriction. And but I also believe that by van hopefully for the Lakers safe healthy. Now, they need him back in the worst way, Sean Powell from MBA dot com. Our guest here on CBS sports radio. We're a little under two weeks from the NBA trade deadline. I'll be honest with tickets have been a little underwhelming as far as buzz goes doesn't always dictate the amount of activity. You're going to get between the trade deadline. Sometimes there's a lot of buzz. No trade sometimes there's no buzz, and it ends up being a flurry of activity looking into your trade. Crystal ball, how active will it will? It. Will it won't? Will it not be between now and February seventh? I never I I don't judge the trade that line by the amount of activity. I do judge the amount of big names and ball players who can who essentially swing boats, basically, go from one team to another and enhance that team's chances of going deep in the playoffs or even winning a championship. Now, I think in this trade that deadline it could be a little boat. I think there could be a decent amount of activity, but I just don't see any big names involved. I mean, you're talking about matching contracts up before you can make a deal you're talking about teams, basically saying that, you know, we can't win until about a tank, which you know, of the teams that could tank with the exception of the New Orleans pelicans. I don't see any of those teams willing to trade a big player. I don't see it, for example, the Washington Wizards. And look they're right on the edge of a been a top eight and ease, but I don't see the wizard. Trading, Bradley Beal. I think they'll keep him. So after of that asked him if any big names, I think it'll be rabbit born fair enough. Do you think with the trade deadline being just twelve days away? If there is a lack of activity part of it is because teams would rather go down the buyout road. And see if there's a veteran guy who'll give them back a certain amount of his salary just to get out from underneath and be able to join the playoff team of his choice. Yeah. That's something could be the case. Usually if there's a buyout player not going to be tough show. Oh, I would be remiss by the way to not to discuss the Memphis grizzlies with Markelle soul, and my com Bari said publicly that they will listen to offer hasn't meaning I'll be traded. But they will listen to offers for the life of me. And I looked at this a million ways. I can't see how either of those two players will fetch a lot for the grizzlies and in a better rebuilding mode in my colleagues make an out of money. He was player in the NBA a couple of years ago when he signed his contract, and then Markelle soul has an escape thought. He can he can escape his contract for next year. And so therefore you're just renting him so that complicates things contract. As I said before. Always complicated by contracts players are making too much money or players rentals. And in those situations. You know, those are usually deal breakers for a lot of teams is there any chance the Sixers walkaway from by trading. Jimmy butler. No. I don't think they'll do anything like that. You know, they feel that the team they have right now. Gives them the best shot at born deep in the playoffs. Another thing, you know, Jimmy Butler is can be a free agent to summit again get back to the contract situation. You know, what teams wanna rent Jimmy Butler for three months? Yeah. I bought these Jimmy Butler. He's you know, he's got the trail of a question. You know, when he was in Chicago. In Minnesota and even with coach Brett Brown briefly. I guess in Philadelphia. So you know, chemistry is a delicate thing your contracts is big deal. So I don't see anything happening Jimmy Butler between now and next summer. Join power from the NBA dot com. Our guest here on CBS sports radio. I started s- developed over the last couple of hours Milwaukee's got the best record in the east tablet in unbelievable year. Probably these surprise team of the NBA nuggets. Could certainly argue for that position as well. But I even go bucks added the nuggets yet, not everybody's happy. They're done maker making waves and say, and I'm glad my teams good. But it's kind of squeezed me out if I'm going to be getting so few minutes here. The bucks might be well advised to deal me. I'll specifically ask for that. Milwaukee gonna respond today act today just hope that this rolls over and they can keep maker in the part time Rowley has how do you think Don in the bucks workout? Well, I just can't imagine a lot of teams beaten down the walkie store for fun maker. No fence, but he really hasn't shown much in his time in the NBA. And it's not like he has to beat out a ton of competition to get play on the front line in Milwaukee. You know, and he's young athletic, but he just really haven't developed. He he's not that much better. Now. And again, you know, teams aren't going to give up a lot for a player like him. And they haven't seen anything yet. Sure. Could you go to a better situation and and show some growth? Absolutely. But I don't think Milwaukee's gonna get a lot for x. Milwaukee were to look to deal and they were looking for a specific player with a specific skill. I'm not talking about a star player. I'm talking somebody who can make three somebody who can play perimeter defense. Somebody who can come off the bench as a backup point guard to distribute the best boy is there anything specific that if Milwaukee said all right enough for Don maker, they could get a reasonable role player to fill a specific. Void for them. I would imagine if they can get some lack of rim-protector that would be good. Now. Look, I mean their defense is among the best in the NBA right now. But you know, they're they're center plays mostly gonna perimeter. And there's not much of a rebounder. So that's probably all this team is missing. I think they're okay point guard Brompton even on this handles the ball little bit. They have the they have the superstar..

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