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But I can tell you to download the radio. Don kam happened. Listen to us anytime, anywhere The news watch never stops. This'll is 10 10 wins. You give us 22 minutes, We'll give you the world before the seven degrees A little bit of sun is still shining with 4 20. Now I'm literally Mullins And Here's what's happening. What Disease Control and prevention and its strongest message about travel to Americans this year urging people They own this Thanksgiving concerned Tonight. This virus is just itching to hitch a ride home with you. Stay put, thinking of which New York soon clamp down on bars, gyms and restaurant since the rates here in the city are now officially above levels considered safe. Caravaggio says. For those who feel the schools were permanently and prematurely shut down, don't threat. They'll soon have company now. Jones on that senseless assault at the Union Square subway station here about this Woman pushed right onto the tracks, narrowly missing a train. Witnesses say the attacker looked like he actually time the push to coincide with the train's arrival on the cyber security. Gurule's. There may be past time to change your passwords, and especially if you like a lot of people will still use 1234567 and other easy as high words to figure out, then pinpoint exactly weather sunny but chilly, get too high and 48 degrees on this Thursday. This is Andrew Take a Bloomberg Wall Street suggested indecision. Much of the day is traders reacted to vaccine hope and lockdown. Worry, but we finished higher now up. 45 wins news Time for 21 Rafting center here again is Greg Rice. Well, tough ride on the Long Island Expressway East baguette over the main street. You gotta break down, blocking the middle lane. Very tough. Go all the way back from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and I will westbound l I u just after the Clearview Emerging Lane blocked because of a.

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