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Alex. Listen it's an honor to have you back here. I know your family has grown. Since the last time you were on the show here you got the four kids but how many grandkids the up to now. I got four grandkids. I've been really busy with that. I I must admit I turn your show your podcast on all the time to get my own advice about what to do because being It's my grandkids. It just kind of exploded one minute. I didn't have any grandkids and two years later. I got four of them so I'm I'm leaning on. I'm leaning on all the advice that you find on your show. I really really enjoy hearing everybody's input and kind of angle on take on how to how to be a father via grandfather's I enjoy. Thank you for putting that out. Not Not and you know what speaking of advice one thing? I think that happens to a lot of happened to me. Like when you become a parent like you finally realize or get a better sense of what your parents went through bringing you up Have you gotten that kind of response for your kids or they come to you for advice now asking you for help? The tables have definitely turned out. I do feel like my relationship with my kids is stronger than ever before For a lot of those reasons But I I'm much better grandfather than I was a father. Just because you know you've been through it and you learn what works and what doesn't work in a job in a grandparent. I'm getting like getting a second chance that license so I'm really really a join it. I'm a lot better listener than I've ever been in my life. I believe because I just enjoy here in the grandkids talk and I enjoy my. Excuse me my kids talk about you. Know their struggles with the grandkids. I had dinner last night. Was Taurean Jackson. Lila GRANDPA's sat back and smiled the whole time while they You know try to really in all these kittens these kids and it's just a really fun a good at wonderful experience. Yeah very cool man. I know we got the new season. A little people big world coming up. You've been doing this for a very long time now. I know you've had some struggles with storylines and stuff like that along the way. How was it filming this new season? Have you made any changes or adjustments to the process at all? Well you're you're right. We've been doing this for a long time. Like fifteen fifteen or sixteen years. We've been feels like we've been filming for Forever and you know there's been ups and downs. There's no doubt about it. You know when you're doing something that long. Even though it's been the same company not say there's been different executives. We come regime after James Common. Gone and come in and they have different. Agenda are different goals for the company. You know they want their programming to be you know more edgier more this or or that's A. We've you know wrote ridden through a lot of different changes. And so sometimes they don't call us to. Hey we want a bigger bang or bigger pop on these episodes all you guys into the producers that are boots on the ground you know start asking you know dice dice your questions and But right now we have an amazing team of people And we Re really like an episode. That are coming on a really good. They're full of really juicy content but at the same time I think they're fair and they're on us. I I have a saying I tell when I have dinner with any of the TLC executives that are new and coming in. I always say with the Roloff family. A truth is greater than fiction. What I mean by that is if you just follow the real actual story of what's really happening going on. You don't need to make anything. So our favorite seasons have been the ones where they're just calling the the real life roelofs in what's happening and usually have the most success with the ratings and what happened. People are most interested in just the actual real life. You know follow of what's going on with the babies and Barrington and the farm and all that so that's my motto has proved a stranger than fiction and the role of household. Well I'll tell you what now you've had your tremendous success with it you got you got an audience. That's very been very engaged with the whole show and have any of your kids. Have any of them ever considered using this to maybe have a spin off? Maybe do a reality show of their own. You know I I yeah. I think that conversation has gone on and it goes on and it happens and we always kind of fall back on little people. Big World May Not you know our main vehicle for telling our story but I think store discussion devout spin offs and things are happening. but you know what little big world is kind of based on the whole family and the whole all the characters and one thing. I learned about reality television. Do you need a lot of characters? dynamics between character. And what have you to really drawing the biggest audience as possible so if you spin off and you just have to us you know. Usually the people people like I watched the show separately because Jackson. You know my grandson. Because I love amy or I love Chris you know and I wouldn't watch genesis. I think they just try to keep all the characters in the best we can. We've lost art pursue other opportunities. We're sad to see him go but on save always felt. There was enough to the court Character based on to kind of keep the show going it. Fenner successful is Everett. So we got a whole bunch of new episodes Coming out here shortly and we've been working hard on him for the last almost eight months. Yeah we've been really busy telling our stories giving everybody an update so Yeah we're looking forward to the the new season coming out and by the way we're we're contract for another season so we'll we'll be busy doing this for quite a while. Wow Yeah that's awesome matt. Now listen I know. It's been quite a while now since you're divorced. How have the kids kind of responded to the whole you know divorce and your relationship now with Karen are there any? Oh wedding bells in the future for you to whether there's no immediate wedding bells yet. But there are on aiming side in Chris L. Are you've got a wedding planning that they're doing for? I think three thousand twenty one karen and I are kind of waiting to let their excitement. Play out on man But no nobody built plan right yet. I hope one day that there are and the probably will be Very close we enjoy each other's company and Friendship Immensely And we're in a word from you know Dating and having fun together and live in our best lives as we like to say have a great time with the grandkids. Fortunately my kids seem to really accept Karen very very well that we spent a lot of time together. She's a great sort of circuit they call it cha-cha and The grandkids love applause spending time with her and she loves spending time. You know what I'm saying to Karen the other day. It's so nice that she loves Hanging out with my grandkids would be miserable. If she's like oh come. Do we have to have babysit duty again? We have to hang out with the kids again but nets quite the opposite. She really looked forward. sets up these encountered were were. She'll call German Audrey. Hey we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA come over play games at your house tonight. And and we're you know we're GONNA we're willing to take the kids tonight in while you guys go on a date night. So she's very very active in Not just accepting the kids the grandkids but really setting things up and getting me involved in Matt. You're putting your computer and phone away tonight. You're going to be playing games and reading to the grandkids tonight. That's what you're doing okay. That's what I'm doing. I appreciate the way she is involved yourself and gets me involved. Yeah that's good stuff. Matt now I did pick up a copy of your ex. Wife's book getting in preparation for today's interview I'm a big reader and I gotta be honest. It was a bit of a Chore. To get through for me but I did notice. She does quite a little bit of shade at you throughout the book if you get a chance to read the book and what was your response to that. I didn't get a chance to read the book and I was disappointed. I think probably not disappointed. Maybe not we thinking I stick the book which really fair to me. I thought that amy the book for me knowing her real life story and a lot of things in between I thought there was some disingenuous nature of to the book which means a pretty Genuine Person Typically issue but I think that that she left out some pretty major parts of her life That would have thrown a little more balancing into the whole story You know I think she did throw shade at me. I don't think it was really fair. and it was hurtful it was actually very hurtful and took me a wild kind of process it and absorb bitten. I wish you wouldn't have left out. You know parts. I would've changed people's perspective on our marriage and the reason that our marriage You know had troubles and saying so. What for her to leave out very very major important. Parts of her life That certain insect affecting me substantially and our marriage substantially I don't think that was fair to herself or to me or or two telling her story so That that part of the book and then you know. Of course you picked on me and I understand that you know the marriage fell apart. We've been the end. We grew apart. Emmys a wonderful person and You Know Race. Four wonderful amazing kids together so you know. I looked back at her marriage with a lot of success You know I I. I think that we're just trying right. Now enjoy the grandkids and the farm and and get along. Well I'll tell you what what one of the things here about social media age that we're in right now. Is that a lot of people. They're quick to judge everybody without all the facts. And like you're saying that there's more to the story here and I. I know that you you have been getting hammered here near on social media for some of this stuff into all that there is more to this story Have you ever considered maybe doing a book of your own and maybe shedding some light on? What actually did happen because the marriage to fall apart or is that just not style now a long soul-searching about that And run through in my head. Some of the things that stories that I know that some truth that I would like to be out there And that may happen one day. I don't I don't know I haven't ruled it out completely but you know after watching. Amy's book come out and Her perception the truth be so sort of misleading. I think that You know I just decided it's probably not gonNA happen for me. I tell the story through. The show is enough for me. Right now But I never say never I haven't ruled out Social media is is. You know it's hard. I think we've grown everybody in the Roth family has grown really thick skin were used. You know people being really Tough on US and and You know I think they call them trolls or whatever and they come up with the the draw these conclusions and you just want to scream and say if only you knew this or if only you knew that or you know. Sometimes it's a little bit of the editing can throw things off because you know when you think about the film show over eight months and now they're gonNA they're gonNA air that within eight weeks so there's a lot of compression you now. So let's say. Amy You know ms and I are arguing about something. We've been getting along for six months and then we have another argument. Will they throw those two arguments into one? Episode makes it look like we're always at each other's throats and it's not quite that way so You know the the just the nature of television You know put out of different impression and then people speak up on the Internet and we appreciate all of our fans. I mean we love. We love the people that are interactive Interactive does but we also Realize some people they just get it wrong. Sometimes the way you've handled it is definitely a true testament to your character because You know I I know that you have been mistreated a little bit online with all of this but I want to switch gears here Matt because I wanted to ask you last time you were here. I didn't get a chance to about your overseas to Iraq with the military. I was really fascinated by that story. What was the genesis of that trip? And what was the experience like you?.

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