World War, Washington, Kerry discussed on Michael Medved Show


Each country should be proud of itself and try to advance its own interests out that's what trump's main theme was and then he got tough with north korea and iran the usual suspects i think trump is learning i think the john kelly as a good chief of staff and trump stayed on message that aid and go off the script um was al qaeda's referred to the dictator as rocket man on proomega trying to demean the guy trying to marginalized in the eyes of the world that he's a coup kenny is i don't i really don't have a problem with flamboyant language as long as it's in context um but it's we live in a country now michael where he as you well know it people disagree with you you know and it's stuff that really eroding the fabric of our society i think that's entirely correct um it in terms of the american revolution with what you can see i mean if you talk about the lessons of what hatred and what extremism means you can actually see some of that in your book killing england a bell the the darker side of the revolution because we we tend now to try to prettify that your time before about bannister charlton and his brutal battle in south carolina against france's marion and and others and some of the atrocities that we're actually perpetrated in the revolution speak to that well the americans did across east too but now the scale the british did and you know basically the british army would hold the russian army was in world war two in an advanced into germany you do what you want you do what you want you want rate that kerry go ahead go ahead the minority of mine who scored dirt and because of that swamp fox france's marion and their most brutal stuff took place in the south but in washington bruce stuff too but france's marion he was a tough guy himself and he saw this the american saw what was happening and you know you didn't want to be a british officer captured in that theater were or british or british sympathizer a tory or a sympathizer with the british and yang tell them yeah yeah in their fellow citizens the americans would and.

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