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A check on traffic. Now here's Melinda Freeways are looking pretty good, like conditions out there, just one reported collision and that's farmer at told 1 30 Northcom service Road. I'm willing to bring out with Austin's on time Traffic Human day today with partial sunshine, a shower or thundershower around during the day high getting up to 93 then remaining human through the night. Tonight it will be partly cloudy with a low of 75 from the weather Center. I'm Kevin Slater. This segment 8 46 Todd Jeffries and Don prime here all the time. Don show. So the Austin Police Department will release its dash cam video of the Mike Ramos shooting this week, according to Rameau's His mother, an Office of Police Oversight director Fair a musket in The long awaited video from police should give a few details on the deadly use of force that was used to Ah kill Ray most back in April. The release of the video was delayed back in June because the Office of Police Oversight was not involved in the initial production. The video was supposed to be released 60 days after the incidents under a P D policy, which would have been around June 23rd and musket and says we really want to get it writes and remove any of the kinks, and it's important that we really show the community what transpired on that day. The video was reviewed by the district attorney, Margaret More Rameau's. His family officers involved in the incident to the city management is part of the projects final stage before Being released to the public, not just last week, DEA. Moore said she would not present the case to the grand jury due to her overwhelming defeat in the primary runoff election. Bye, overwhelmingly supporting a candidate for district attorney who ran on a platform of changing how officer involved shooting cases are prosecuted. I believe the community has clearly stated it would like to see new administration oversee the prosecution of these cases. I'm beginning to end. That's what D'Amore said in her statement. Well, I I this is ah. This is going to cause some anxiety releasing this thing today because we know what the climate is right now and releasing these thing, no matter what the AH, the video looks like what it shows what it does not show. There's going to be some kind of reaction, and I hope going to be a negative reaction. If there was going to be a positive reaction, we would have already seen the video. You know, it would have already been released, and the problem is too. I don't know what we're going to see in there. But but But there are Folks that have been out protest Ng and who have such an agenda right now, If you were going to see what they want to see if you owned a business downtown, would you begin boarding up the windows in my I don't want to have anything to do with with creating any anxiety, but but that's the first thing that crosses most of our mind when they're released. This thing is so great. All hell's gonna break loose again. And we don't want to see that. And I'm sure if you have a business downtown or you live downtown, you're thinking what the hell am I doing here? Yeah, on deck. It's become more and more difficult just to live and work down, Teo. Yeah, I mean, just on a business. I mean, think about it. I mean way were talking about Hi property taxes running businesses out of town when they weren't talking about how the homeless crisis is running business out of town, And now you got these nightly protests that are running business out of town and has made Austin, Texas the core of the city. The most dangerous neighborhood in the area. I wouldn't go down there right now is thinking about that very thing this morning. I'm not even in daylight. We have a teenager shot yesterday in daylight. This is unfortunate because you have restaurants downtown. Of course, the bars are shut down, and if you drive down 63 it's a sad scene down there. It all. I'm boarded up again. But you've got restaurants that are trying to do it. You got business is trying to do it like Cohen and sons, for example, the jeweler down there and then you add all this stuff and you know it. Just it's unfair. It's hard enough without these protests, given Coben and all the restrictions. It's ain't fair, you know? Shaheen on rainy street this morning. Good morning. Shaheen's Hi, I thank you for taking my call. You're welcome. Absolutely. What's on your mind? Well, you know, I was kind of wanting to, you know, share with those kids, which a lot of those protesters are just Same age as my daughters, you know, gorgeous young. You know, 28 year old. You know, whatever, 20 to 35 year old beat people and just go home. Go home and take care of yourself because there's mothers like me that really, really, really worried and my daughter was down. Downtown for the first protest on DH she cleaned up actually went cleaned up. They had There's like a whole bunch of stuff she asked. Was on the news. But you know she's not doing that. But I this lovely, lovely, lovely young people down there. I don't want them down there. I don't want them. Protesting anymore. I want them to go home, and I might sound like you know, a boring person. But that's how I feel about it. Well, listen. Ah, you know, there's nothing wrong with a message for Mom. I got, you know, just go home, but that I mean, I appreciate I wish it was that simple. I don't think it is that simple, But, you know, I wish you would just go home. Okay. Okay. So go home. Okay. All right. All right. Should we go home or get an extra 600 bucks a week with a K 47? Just go home. Okay? Yeah, well, Garrett Foster the guy that was shot over the weekend. Some people are just now hearing this story..

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