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An electric scooter more from KIRO these Austin York late Saturday night twenty four year old, Jacoby stone king was on a line bike scooter, riding home, when police say he fell off at the scene the, scooter was found cracked in half the details of the accident are. Unclear but stone king suffered a head injury was rushed to the. Hospital after. Several surgeries he died his longtime friend and roommate. Kenneth Moore says Jacoby, was loved by everyone he met When I was really. Young we got really close moved in. About three and a half years ago four. Years ago Rebate We worked together at my everything so Together his ex girlfriend called him the most genuine. Person she's ever been with stone king we'll have. His organs donated and then be cremated. A ceremony will be held this weekend lie bike has yet, to respond, to a request for comment Austin York NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD activists will be rolling out a mobile billboard crisscrossed the state ahead of President Trump's visit to campaign for Ted Cruz human rights advocate Antonio Yondo helped spearhead the effort which we'll call out Senator Cruz. Using then candidate trumps can tweet. Skin Remember the truth about what the president really does stand and we we Nothing. More than political says the two thousand sixteen presidential campaigns in the past and then he's not surprised at this, tactic is hardly news that the extreme left is angry and that they they hate President Trump and and, so it's not. Surprising that they're going to campaign and they're gonna push push their agendas they're going to. Push their attack cruises and a tough reelection campaign against congressman beta,.

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