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Trouble. Jack Harris out today. Erin, Katie, Natalie and The copy Spiller Feeling mess this morning? No. How could you do this? I can see. I hate when somebody around me doesn't like that where they spill something because I feel the obligation have to get up and help. I'm the most selfish person ever. I did. So I threw the paper towels that you to your credit You did and you did not. Bark me. This is a beauty. Why did I came on the show and started the segment Make fun of you with my permission. I did ask you those. I said I'm going to make fun of you for this. So you've done this to a beautiful new studio That's in transition right now. Okay, let me just point out that the part of the Studio. I spilled my coffee on was our existing news desk that has not been upgraded. You know, You're lucky You're not getting on the floor on our new carpet behind you. Speaking of the new carpet They're putting like a stage studio. But I thought the step and repeats going behind me now let's go back here. That's going to be a plexiglass. Why No, because it's gonna have our logo's on. It's gonna be back lead. All right. Cool. Yeah, up there. That's a step and repeat, right? I think that should be just a legit stage for Jack Harris performances from saying, right. I thought you were in a Dance and perform and do a little dancing to. I mean, listen, I'm using Jack as a cover. I just want the stage for me, but I know if Jack Harris wants it and asked for it, then we'll all get it. I love it. I wantto dance on it myself. I think there's a lot of opportunities. I think so too mean. I think they're like As Faras entertainment value for the listener for the show were trying to implement some new ideas where you could maybe get some video content from a Jack Harris singing karaoke, E or just singing up there whenever we have musical acts in the studio. When we come back, you know when the pandemics over and we can have those musical acts back, it would be nice to have a little place for them to play. I feel like there's a lot of ideas. This is like a playground of mine Magician. Yeah, definitely. Magicians could do their acts up their little magic. With an opera singers on from distress center on the Potomac River tour. Yes, so to me the step and repeat that looks pretty big. It's going to be weird taking pictures. I guess you need to fit a lot of people up there. But I think dual purpose we turn that bad boy into a stage. We're all for that love. Should I get Jack here? Some board that way he could be the one to ask for it 100% absolutely majority of putting in The microphone jacks on the side on the side, so lot of great things happening here in the studio and thinking everyone behind the scenes for making it happen. Did you guys hear a while? Back when Kamala Harris said that Tupac was the best rapper alive? No, no, Kamala Harris said a little while back that Tupac was she was trying to relate to people. And she said that to park was the best rapper alive Now, for those of you who don't know who to pocket is the funny thing about that sentence. Best rapper alive is to pop died in the nineties. Tuvok has been gone for. I believe almost 25 years now. So the Trump campaign Yesterday left during the VP debate left a ticket for, uh, for Tupac. Tupac had a ticket left there for after Kamala Harris named him the greatest rapper alive so Just that's pretty savage. But it's a reality show you got going on here. It's tiring. So no Tupac did not show up to the debate last night, maybe a hologram. I think there was a Tupac hologram a couple years ago. Stella. It was their way will wrap up the show. Felix has some information on a job fair and also some flu shots. Information on flu shots coming up as we wrap up the show, but first, let's see what's making news with Chris Drink Mint. The vice presidential debate was much more civil than last week's first debate between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. VP Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris were pressed on a number of top issues during the roughly 90 minute debate in Salt Lake City. Harris Slam the Trump administration's response to the ongoing Corona virus outbreak. But Pence said the president has put the American people first and focused on President Trump's economy. The president says it was a blessing in disguise that he tested positive for Corona virus. Trump posted a video on Twitter, saying he felt better right away after being given a Regeneron antibody cocktail from his doctors. Meanwhile, of FEMA memo reveals that at least 34 White House staffers and other contacts have the Corona virus. Facebook's going to temporarily stop running all political ads after polls close on election Day. Facebook says the goal of the new policy is to make sure there's no confusion about the results or messages that miss inform the public about the election outcomes. A social media company says advertisers can expect his band to last at least a week on Chris Trunk Man NewsRadio W F Ella. Now let's check Sports Wofl.

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