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Including possible information collection device exploitation and blocking network traffic they can spy on your ed straws is the former head of new york city's fbi computer crime squad he says the infection could give hackers access to personal information or even allow them to disable the router they can even wipe it out or cause it to work any longer the fbi has already identified how the hackers got into the routers now the agency is asking everyone to do a reboot so by turning it off and on it resets in a way that allows the fbi to identify the devices that were infected elissa rebooted hers by unplugging it for five seconds hopefully that'll do the job the reboot should also destroy part of the malware experts say you also need to create a new strong password for your router john shuo cbs news new york new research on sunscreen first time mom jessica goldstein keeps fivemonthold l louise out of the sun as much as possible i want to make sure that she's completely protected i don't want her to get any sort of skin cancer some people find choosing a sunscreen overwhelming with so many options now new research suggests higher spf sunscreens may be your best bet to avoid sunburn a recent study in the journal of the american academy of dermatology found that spf one hundred was more protective than spf fifty doctor daryl regal is one of the study's authors this was a real you study where people actually use it as opposed to testing in the lab because people under apply sunscreen the higher spf is more forgiving and that's really what the advantage was for the average user they put a little less they skip a little bit they're still getting strong protection researchers compared spf fifty versus one hundred and skiers in colorado the study found the spf fifty side of the face was eleven times more likely to burn compared to the spf one hundred side dr regal advises choosing a sunscreen that's at least spf thirty or higher you wanna look for the words broad spectrum because that needs it protects alter violet a ad ultraviolet b waves you want something that's water resistant what resisted eighty minutes that's the maximum protection although jessica chooses shade over son as i got older and started really understanding what could happen i realize that i'm going to be putting on sunscreen she now plans to reach for the highest spf available under the sun mega oliver cbs news new york.

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