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The latest from news donate with member full the easiest way to create a members only podcast fade. An estimated eight percent of all Canadians. Listens to Joe Rogan last month. That's an audience, the size of Vancouver, but will they follow him to spotify new data from the Canadian podcast? Listener suggests that not all will one thousand nine percent say they'll listen or watch less often and twenty three percent will stop altogether before data is at the Canadian podcast listener websites we linked. Linked to that today from our show notes and our newsletter apple is making an original podcast and this time it really is an original podcast from that beats one radio station Zane Lowe interview series features on according to the RSS feed features just one episode an interview with Billy. Eyelash, but according to the apple podcast listing features seven episodes including Kanye West Lady Gaga and was going on there then. A cast of announced a supporter feature for podcasters in some countries. The product that's receive one of payments from your listeners acoss charge twelve percent. The products works as a landing page on the website and use the promo that you record. We found that you K. podcast. The dream factory is using it. A cast is using the donate button standard which is supported by some podcast players. In India, if you include the radio plays, it gets. The biggest podcast is Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Monkey Bat. However, he's reportedly about a face competition where the new podcast from Rapid Gandhi a former president of the Indian national. Congress and a member of the Gandhi family. Later today one o'clock Toronto time you can enjoy the unveiling of the Infinite Style Twenty Twenty Canada in a free Webinar which will include podcast consumption figures for the country Omni Studio, the podcast management platform from Triton digital is now available for use in French Spanish and Portuguese. New societas press style book now available, if that floats your boat and ads, ways has hired and Frisbee from in Mogi Exchange to be their senior vice president of global supply, working with podcasters and partners. Pocock News slow-burn returns for a fourth season this time with a subject that runs straight to the current political moment, the rise of white supremacist and KKK leader David Duke ca season is hosted by Josh Levin. Longtime slow-burn editor from Louisiana and the other day. We mentioned that Chris Skinner who wrote an editorial in the first podcast user magazine in two thousand and six works for wise Buddha this was news to him and to his current employer who called something else this to the last post, which is one of a daily satirical show from Alice Fraser..

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