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Morning Right now let's head down to Washington D.C. Okay roll the national news with Nathan Hager Nathan Paul the jury has begun deliberations in the trial of Kyle rittenhouse the 18 year old who killed two men with an assault rifle and a chaotic plant like Black Lives Matter rally last year in Kenosha Wisconsin Rittenhouse is facing charges ranging from reckless endangerment to intentional homicide and could face life in prison without parole if convicted The Kenosha shootings following the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis have turned into a talking point for conservatives who claim rittenhouse as a hero and progressives who see him as a reckless vigilante Now that President Biden has signed bipartisan infrastructure into law He's hitting the road to sell it to voters Bloomberg's Joe Matthew reports the president will start at an 80 year old bridge and Woodstock New Hampshire It's not a coincidence that he's going there This bridge was red listed almost a decade ago and the president's been using these events to kind of promote what was already passed and what he signed into law yesterday the big signing ceremony and infrastructure Bloomberg's Joe Matthew reports The president could face a tougher fight on his roughly $2 trillion tax and spending plan house moderates are waiting for an official score on its cost Majority leader steady Hoyer still aiming for a vote by Thursday Russia is denying that it put the International Space Station at risk when it blasted one of its own satellites out of orbit yesterday State Department says the ground based missile launch generated more than 1500 pieces of debris 5 astronauts and two cosmonauts were told to shelter in their vehicles as the space station moved through the debris field and ESPN is reporting one time met says Noah cinder guard has agreed to a one year $21 million deal.

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