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He and he has no answers like he he doesn't know what to say to the reporters after and he said right whatever you want to ride i have no answers for you i cannot excited thinker widow alarmed differently some homeless ignominiously the batman jerry kapor the dark night ninety is really fallen on hard times eleven earned runs his era now this is what i would call a jerry staff but he saw solitary sta so it's not exact but i think i heard harris say in his last seven starts his era his fourteen via it's not good no it's i cry and then watching the yankees also kazak came on before the inquiry were done with them yet harvey's over right the yankees were winning delon batanes says almost below it badly he loaded the bases and luckily chapman came in nevada it's how he loaded the bases yes he hits the guy a little secpond all good walk walk in get out and i was scoreboard watching also jerry how about the red sox and the red sox were losing like eight to one or two i think it was six one six one eight three i believe all right i believe you something like that and then the red sox winners extrainning thus the yankees gained zero grounds once again still three out but they're locking down that one spot for the wild card they are law can it down jerry you know they beat their best pitcher last night in urban santana who i can't believe has fifteen wins but whatever that's fine they win the game back tonight i think thinks pitches tonight yes although i was reading the fact that he's on seven seven days rest and he's not the same pitcher on seven days rest some i dunno of that means i mean looks good on five days rest jerry but good for them i mean the fact that they they won that game last night too and you know they win a game to keep in mind where i wanna say something like oh for twelve with runners in scoring position which is not going to cut it when you play the indians or the astros were teams like that but because they get the judge homerun and because uh amy garcia was really had nine strikeouts they get the.

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