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Joining us now to tailgate show us that coach Justin Wilcox bears coming off a forty nine seven victory over Oregon state last week this week the face the team that is leading the north division the Washington huskies before we talk about Washington's talk about what a win like last week does for your ball club. Did you feel a little extra pep in the step this week? So to speak in practice. Yeah. No doubt in our guys have practice really hard throughout the entire season. But once you are able to get a win. I think the Mondays, you know, just it's it's better all throughout the building. And the guys did a good job of battling through some tough times. And and played well and played pretty clean. And we just gotta continue to build on that had nice balance between Patrick layered running the football. And also chase garbage. Throwing it spread it around a little bit. An interesting stat. I was looking up this week is that your two quarterbacks Brandon mcelwain. Chase garber. Patrick layer have accounted for almost ninety percent of the rushing. Attempts in this season going into the year. Did you envision that? Or do you maybe a little more variety there? Well, we knew kind of spring and fall camp that in order for us to move the ball. Obviously Pat was going to be part of that. And then incorporating some quarterback runs and enable to kind of loosen up the defense with some of the threat of the QB runs. And we knew we knew both those guys have the ability to do that. And that's kind of how our team is of all offensively. It's that's what's best for us in terms of where we're at offensively used to have that extra element. And we got to continue to grow there. And you know, some of the things we're doing well on the run pass option game has has helped us, and we got to continue to evolve in the run pass option. But also the downfield passing the bears leading the conference in rushing per game. Almost two hundred yards per game that hasn't happened here for a long time. It's good to see. Conversely, your teams also number one in the league defensively against the pass. So both of those areas will be challenged today by a Washington team that I think if you're going to pick one word that describes. Is that they're balanced because defensively they're balanced. It offensively the pass in the on their ballots, and that makes a more intriguing challenge doesn't it? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, they're excellent football team and have really done some good things here in the last few years. And we know they're going to be ready to play. They're they're very very talented in every phase offense defense and on special teams, and we're gonna have to play really well, and our guys know our guys know that it'll be it'll be a battle. We're going to have to know play through some momentum swings. And that's how these type of games go. But I know our guys are excited for the challenge. Talk about chase Garber good ball game last week, obviously his improvement in that game. And are getting another chance this week against Washington. Yeah. I think it's just continuing to get better with every rep and chases developing player, but he made good decisions still had a few throws and a couple run RPO's that he could have played a little bit better. But I think he's just getting better and better and more comfortable in the offense and operated. Well last week and. He's got a really bright future. And I also thought Brennan mcelwain did a really nice job coming in and giving us a change of pace. So both those guys are getting better, and they're developing and and really excited about where they're headed as always one of the keys this week in particular against Washington leads the line of scrimmage because they're big on both sides of the line of scrimmage. They did lose their or one of their star offensive tackles trae Adams back injury. And fall camp has not played. He was an all American. So they switched some guys around there. But defensively I mean, they're really stout upfront. They can play with just four guys. They don't have to worry about bringing five or six guys in the pass rush. Because they've got enough guy said that are strong enough fast enough and capable enough. Putting pressure on you just put the four. Yeah. I think it starts up front on defense for them. I mean, they're they're very good in the secondary and at linebacker, but the the guys up front. Do a really good job and people have a hard time blocking. And it'll be a challenge for us. And we're going to have to get some hard yards in the run game. We're going to have to pass protect really well. Because as you mentioned there, they have done a nice job of getting pressure with just four guys. And we're gonna have to be really tight with our technique and our rules and pass protection. And then in the run game. Like, a mention we're going to have to grind it out and find some tough yards in there. All right at the end of the day. What are the keys you feel the bears have to do to win this one? Well, it's no different than any other week. We're going to have to take care of the ball on offense. Find a way to convert on third downs and move the ball down the field, and it's going to be tough. And we're going to like I said before play through some momentum swings. Our guys are coming up our cleanest game on offense and defensively. Think it's line of scrimmage in the run game. And then defending the shots down the field and not giving them explosive plays and trying to make 'em earn everything. They get got to find a way to make the quarterback uncomfortable at times and obvious passage relations and get off the. Field on third downs. And I also think special teams are going to have a huge impact on this game with the field position covering punts and kicks and then getting some hidden yardage in the return. All right. Good luck in the ball game. And we'll talk afterwards. Thanks a lot. Go bears. Head coach just a Wilcox bears. Get ready to face the Washington. Huskies. I'm Legros Cup. And this is your cow Washington series flashback Seattle, Washington two thousand to everyone was talking about nineteen seventy six why? Because that was the last year Cal had beaten Washington in football. Under new head coach Jeff Tedford quarterback. Kyle fuller. Threw five touchdown passes with no interceptions to help cow build an early lead. Then the defense takeover holding off a late second half rally. Final score Cal thirty four Washington. Twenty-seven fans who followed Cal to the Pacific northwest still talk about the excitement they felt when bowler lined up in the victory formation with just seconds remaining twenty-six years was along time. But it was worth the wait. I'm the gross Cup, and this has been your cow Washington series. Full lash Bryant Washburn Washburn Washburn. He brings a he's. A message from the king..

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