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Speaking of husbands you work with yours your husband is your business partners well calls husband victor and perry was actually sitting a few feet away during this whole recording because you know what it's weird to hang out alone with a stranger innocence eneti hampton in and eleven pm i mean i get it did you guys meet through death and dying no no not at all my business was sort of growing and my calling his death and dying and i'm very fortunate that i have a partner who supported that so for several years he had a fulltime job than weaker the business he was able to leave it we travel together were often book to speak together victor is tall with bookish glasses and a few years ago they so cute ease recreated the american gothic painting for the cover of american funeral director adorable it's stupid question but are there any movies about death or dying that you particularly love this seems to strike a chord with you david than them i don't know it okay day the known was like a really popular cartoon series when i was a kid and it came from japan and came to the us and was on like pbs and like the early nineties late eighties and david the moment is wife lisa waksal whole series is just like nomo stuff basically oh no last episode they're just like so knowns only lives have you four hundred years old but they know they're going to diane therefore hundredth birthday so keenly syndrome go up to a hill they're like leaping and then like swirls come home manner treaties and they had a pet fox the fox comes up there and seizes mom and dad are now trees and are dead and then he was left and he had to walk back home with two dead parents and that now the last episode and yeah that's a real clincher you know what is probably not actually helpful to see that.

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