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Fights caused their sheriff scrapes and bruises. They show Some stills from the film and get a little bit into how these things were put together you flipping through some more. We have a little bit of production notes and in how things were put together a conversation interview director albert. Pune you have a like almost like you could tear this out and put it on your wall. Tiger beat sort of picture van dam holding a gun on another one with a vincent klein Kind of a pinup page photograph. And then finally a people actually wrote letters to the movie and had their Had their opinions like a letter. It's really interesting and the ads are for other candidates releases. So there's one the first one says to tough now available. Videocassettes bronze bronson's kin getafe forbidden subjects. And then american ninja three blood hunt. I'm pretty sure i saw that. I know american ninja too. I love american. Ninja one but River of death death. Michael dudenkov robert von donald pleasants. Movie scene. that i had michael dudakovic's actors. I really liked the eighty s and my dad really liked. I remember that. I remember another ninja type of movie. That wasn't american ninja with him a track that one down there's a three Like a triptych of of movies on an ad for tommy lee jones. Virginia madsen movie called gotham track. Twenty nine featuring theresa russell gaffe gary oldman and christopher lloyd and five corners with jodie foster. Tim robbins todd. Graff and john turturro a ad for a bunch of horror films from cannon videos crucible a har- beast of the seller dracula's last rites new year's evil blood on satan's clyde schizoid started class kinski. There actually is funny enough. There's a comic book convention ad those greatest and comic book as that you would see. There's so that's a legit comic book ad here and The you have an ad for cannon movie tales fairy tale things beauty the beasts puts boots the printing on. This is a couple of words that obviously looks like something didn't line up. And then the powwow highway which was called which the seattle times called the native american rainman. And then on the back of a candid video ad for cyborg which notes that john. Claude van damme was in predator. And this was something that I was like when i was a kid. I was like he's in predator. And there's i'd seen predator wartimes than i probably count at that point It wasn't until years later is that i knew that learned that. He was cast as the predator but early into pre production. It just didn't work out. He was complaining about how the the suit made him sick. He could move in it. They decided to go with. Kevin kevin peter hall who was much more bigger at imposing. And and what you got. It made him The elliott war. Like you didn't really have any lines. And things like that. But i guess because they damp had been cast in the movie candidate thought we'll put predator in there so I don't think that any footage of vandamme and the predator costume exists by the way. Not in these sort of eric. Stoltz shot fifteen minutes or so back to the future before they decided to replace him with michael j. fox and you can still see the back of stoltze his head in one of the scenes in that film sort of way i think they just they realized pretty quickly in the van dam was going to work out but anyway i wanted to note that promo comic because like i said i've had it for a long time at this point and it'll it rotates through cheap bins every once in a while at it's just kind of audie curiosity like somebody would put a whole comic together justice a problem for this movie an r. Rated movie that and this is clearly aimed at kind of slightly older kids who were two youngest already movies technically but then again late late eighties. We're getting ready to movies at twelve so cannon that all right that does it for cyborg I do have some feedback. And what. I'm.

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