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Through the s._e._c. was south. Carolina spent a lotta time south carolina's <hes> at one time of steve spurrier's line coach and and becomes head coach towards the state on either team ready. You made <music> out standing point about how they won the game. I mean this was they were churning out drives of ten plays nine plays. Just it was not a oh. Oh my gosh. The ball bounced off his shoulder pad up into the air off the defender. I caught it and we won the game. It was no no no no. We're gonna come right at you. We're gonna run the ball right at gene challenger challenge of defense heart and see if you can respond to it and it just seemed to get more and more confident and tennessee seemed to be questioning things more and more of the game a._m. Went on and <hes> georgia state deserves all the credit so we don't want to take anything away from what they achieved but the bigger story i think is is tennessee. Where do they go from here to get b._y._u.'s why us nine easy opponent at home and you have tennessee chattanooga then they go to the swamp georgia mississippi state then they go to tuscaloosa home again south doc carolina u._a._b. Kentucky at missouri vandy. I mean i think for them. It's one week at a time but you could you could very easily say other than chattanooga and u._a._b. And and by the way those on givens based on what we saw last saturday. Where are the winds coming where where did you you see the winds coming so we'll see if they're able to to kind of regroup but just exactly how you did not want to start the season <hes> for for could've tennessee ball. It's scary too because in two thousand seventeen four wins last year five wins like you said you'd be hard pressed to maybe potentially get the five wins right now. Considering the performance that we saw against georgia state in the way the schedule shakes out all right. Let's go to the game on saturday night. It was the best match upon paper and it turned out to be to me the best game <hes> of the weekend and the legend bonex an and figuring things out in the final ninety seconds but with oregon giving being giving auburn so many opportunities you're up by fifteen points in the third quarter and you're like okay. This is it. This is fine. This is the reason why herber came back the line line. They're all back and and this is something for the pac twelve as that game was going along what was your feeling and and how you're seeing the progress of vo knicks getting comfortable in the offense and also what organ was doing in trying to trying to to to not lose this game and it turned out that they did well. There's so many different ways to go with this. Let me just start with the excitement of just being. You know it's week one. It's it's a big time. Match up your your inside. Ah jerry jones's stadium there and there's a buzz feels like a big time. Bowl game is best way to describe it like there was a lot of pride and a lot of want. I want on on the line for both these teams. They showed up ready to roll <hes>. That's what made the game. I think so exciting to give oregon a lot of credit. I don't know if mario cristobal christobal could have imagined things starting all better i mean they they came out and he's he's trying to change the culture in eugene.

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