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They've got to grapple with reality. They've got to admit that they are wrong right now. What one? What what they're doing is this this fake posturing? I saw today in the Washington Post by Richard Kohn. He wrote this piece. He said, I thought Juanita broaddrick wasn't credible. I was wrong. Okay, one, eight abroad, you know, we need a broader if we had to run the show. She says that Bill Clinton raped her, I've talked to her. I read her book. If you wanna talk about credibility, this woman's got it. She's she's got people at the time that she told about this for story has never changed. Even NBC news admits her story has never changed. She just seems credible. She doesn't seem kooky. She hasn't lied publicly about major things. She did a. Only one on the only own sort of hold on her story as she once said under oath that it didn't happen when she wanted it to go away. Then once the story leaked she admitted it happened, but that's the only thing close to it. She's never changed her story since, but Democrats wouldn't talk about her, wouldn't accept it. Now, all of a sudden we've got Cohen saying, oh, we maybe I believe, or now he says, quote, I remember refusing to deal with broaddrick allegation because I simply chose to believe Clinton was not a rapist Clinton after all was one of us college educated modern or Bain, and not some hooded monster preying on strangers, men like that, do not rape. My position has proved naive. Violence can be in the sexual repertoire of any man Chirps he goes on. I am no longer certain that Clinton did not rape, Juanita, broaddrick. Well, good job could shove Mr. Cohen and Washington Post. Now that the Clintons are not only politically useless to you to the party and to the left more broadly. But actually now that the Clintons or reliability now you're willing to stand up and say, oh, yeah, maybe that guy did it after decades of flying cover for these people after just two years ago, trying to put this man back in the White House and put this woman in the Oval Office. The woman who smeared all of Clinton's accusers and victims as bimbos after just doing that wasn't twenty years ago that you did that was two years ago that you you all were doing that now you say, oh, you know, I'm starting to believe her gr. Oh, great. Congrat- let's throw him a party. Wow, that now you must be super serious. No way, no way BUSTER. I hear these things all the time they'll people will ask, how can we unite the country we'd be civil, how can we come together and unite and agree on this and this and this, they gotta come to the table. The left esta come to the table. You know, we don't kick their speakers out of college campuses. We don't scream at them. We don't even call them racist, even though many of their policies. In fact are quite racist. We don't call them evil. We don't call them wicked. We don't throw rocks into their houses. We don't harass them in public. You gotta come to the table guys and if you're going to offer something, which is now a political convenience for you from actions that happened twenty five years ago, give me a break, put up or shut up and don't don't booth on my leg until me. It's windy. Don't lie to my face. Don't gaslight me. Give me something real until then I don't believe it. It's just not believable. You know, speaking of politic on, I got to be John Fugel sang there and I, I rather liked John Fugel sang these this left. The actor comedian guy seems kind of a nice guy. He's dead wrong about many things. And this gave me the privilege or misfortune of coming across John Fugel Sang's takedown viral occupy Democrats video about how Republicans are fake Christians. They're not real Christians because Jesus was a left wing. Hippie, don't you know? I, it occurs to me that the left always gets Christianity wrong. Always misrepresents Christianity. Take a look at this. We'll go through point by point. I thought, wouldn't it be great if we could find a way to get Jesus of Nazareth to come back and run for president on the GOP ticket, they can't pick a front runner anyway. So wouldn't the GOP love to.

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