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You thought? Now, I think so the reason why I get excited is because most of the strong rags on the platform that I play on ignition, I enter a hundred big blinds. And in a lot of those plane explains, it's like me and 5 eggs. So it's more being excited for the opportunity than knowing beyond a shadow of the doubt that they're a fish. And I would say like in live poker, like basically, if you have a strong short stacking strategy, then just keep with it. Like there's nothing inherently wrong with short stacking. I think there's a lot of naturally, really strong short stacking strategies that exist and the biggest the feedback that I consistently give my life students is you can always add on, but you can't take off. So when John, my tactical Tuesday co host goes in place like the ten 20 at Bellagio, I just tell him, you play a hundred big blinds, that's what you play every single day online. That's what you are very technically skilled at. And there's pretty much no live configuration. At any hard room where he's going to be at a significant disadvantage playing a hundred big blinds. So start with what you know. And just kind of go from there. Well, that's a great answer. Let me see. Anyone else has any questions out there. We have another in the thread. If you joined us late to in the audience, you can raise your hand and we can bring you up and you can talk about it directly. There's a lot of you out there. Stick your hand up in the air. Ask some questions. I have a question. Were you an Ashley cast of snap, snap raises his hand? Cool. I got him. Hey guys. All right, what's up buddy? How you doing? All right, so my question is, I recently transitioned from tournaments to cash. And that is struggling, I mean, basically I beat the game, but I don't beat the ring. And I've got coaching, I try to find the spots, but I don't know, I'm struggling, so what would be your advice, you know, I'm pretty sure you've met tournament players, transitioning to cash, what to look for, where to look, for potential reason, things to that extent. And it's such a hard question without any visibility. Of database or hand analysis. I think that yeah. Is there any do you think strategies changed greatly because we're so deep? Turn the players are used to usually being that deep and maybe pushing too hard and spots where he's just going to have to do more than what he's doing to search out to find the answers to those questions, right? He's going to have to get actual coaching, you know, actually pay for coach and get play with the solvers more, study more. You know, how many how many cash can crushers do you have hanging around you on a regular basis, right? Well, what is your inner circle real quick? Well, you're right about that. Not many. Most of them are turning. So I would start there, right? Like seeking out a different inner circle of people that live and breathe in the cash game arena immersing yourself into groups like that and then yeah, just doing everything that you can to improve your ability to play cash games. That would be the first thing that I would do if I were you. Makes sense makes sense. Wait. To answer God's big toe, I think you were talking about pressing and tournament players. Yeah, I was saying range is very and strategies vary because we're deep, you know? Yeah, in my experience, I think that current players push. Too hard. And black finesse on different boards on the flop term river, where I think in tournaments, you're highly incentivized to play your stronger hands fast because of ICM considerations and when you bust out of a tournament, you're just kind of gone. But in cash games, like you just have to reach these deeper parts of the decision tree and it's quite often very uncomfortable and annoying and frustrating and difficult and you don't have the answers. I've been playing this game as a professional since 2004 and I can say with the with all the confidence in the world that I don't know much of anything is how I feel. Like there's always so much more to learn. Sure. Yeah, it's what he said because it just reminds me of the old saying, you know, the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know shit. Somebody's I don't even know if I can spell Booker. Thanks guys. You're welcome. Thank you. Thank you. You have that other one from the thread there, 6s? Wait a minute, we have another speaker. He may have another question. If you have another question that's perfectly fine. Bring it by that. Hi again, guys. Hey. I actually have an answer for casp have maybe some ideas he can look at if you want to add him back into here. If we want to talk about that, he can hear you. So. What I would say, maybe some of the things that you could look at is perhaps so when you're playing deep stacks, you should typically be looking to find spots where you can polarize the turn and the river. And that's where the most of the money is tends to go in. If you look at ranges because also your advantage, your EV advantage or maybe I should say equity advantage way better on the turn and river. And perhaps because you're playing tournament style,.

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