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Not to travel this holiday season because of covert more than a million people made their way through security checkpoints in U. S airports over the weekend. ABC is Brian Clark joining us on the coma news line, and Brian, We saw what happened after Thanksgiving. So what our health officials saying with the numbers we're seeing now. Well, they don't feel good about it because of the numbers you say the one billion that's one million per day. Friday, Saturday Sunday, the T S a said it screened over a million air travelers. First time that's happened the entire pandemic back to back or three days in a row, so they're obviously very alarmed just by the number of travelers that were seeing, and now the worry is like you said, what we saw after Thanksgiving that is going to seed. More outbreaks around the country, and we're going to see numbers go up again. What are they doing about it? There's nothing that really can do. I mean, okay, there are restrictions on indoor outdoor dining in many places, So what a lot of them are doing and you're hearing this republic health officials is trying just to get the messaging across that, okay. We prefer you don't travel. The safest thing to do is celebrate the holidays in your own home, where the people who live in your home, but they're saying if you do travel, there's a couple of different measures you convey. I mean, any large gathering should be Void. It is what they're saying, where a mask as much as you can. If you're going to be indoors outdoors is obviously preferable on but it's all about ventilation. It goes without saying regardless of what you do if you have symptoms if you're waiting, Ah, test results. Don't travel, stay home and check the rates in the area of where people are coming from where you are the local transmission levels and make those determinations those air sort of there. It has did say half measures, but tips for people who are still going forward with Holiday travel to any of the airports make people take temperatures. We have not heard that the airport's themselves air doing that at the airlines do have questionnaires that people have to fill out. There's some recent stories in the news about people maybe not being totally truthful in some of those questionnaires. So what's that going to do? So the process does seem like It's got a couple of loopholes that people are going around, but loopholes or not a million people a day. That's not loopholes. That's just people going out traveling. And when we saw this it Thanksgiving, it took a long time for us to see an actual surge after Thanksgiving, So we might not even see anything for how long after this, Brian Well, they say, you know, the average time before symptoms arrived about 10 days. That's the median time maybe 5 10 days. So we're looking into January before we could start really seeing these numbers, sharply climbing and many Areas. As you said they haven't come down yet from the post Thanksgiving search, So it's at least another month. Maybe of we're looking at potential high numbers of cases, infections, hospitalizations in different parts of the country. And now concerns about travel from people coming from UK. You heard Governor Cuomo today talking about that. Yeah, right here in New York. He wants the airlines TB testing passengers. Some of them have already said they're going to do that. Because of this, this new variant and governor Cuomo's messaging since the beginning of this pandemic. One thing he has said for a while, is that it wasn't the travel from China that made things so bad in New York that it was traveled from Europe. People coming in from Italy and everywhere else seeding that epidemic, So it's an issue that he has been really He's been repetitive on, he said. This time and time again, So it's It's not really a surprise here in New York that he has jumped out and said this again on your seeing countries around the world take steps to limit travel. From the U. K A. B C's Brian Clark joining us from New York. Thank you so much, Brian. Thank you. Come.

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