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Kevin Blake tipping. Take those troch bucks is put it all. Tiny here. You're gonna spend the first five minutes talking about horsey you mentioned yesterday. I'm no, no, no, no, no. Ears being so no you're both wrong, which you have to do you have to spend the first five minutes talking about but first of all the going and the going is crucial. Let's talk about how that's going to because this is going to be key for our main selection. And then you stop. The numeric Gallup's big. All right. Big fellow the boss has flown in on his private helicopter. He's taking his all out to lobster dinner after this horse wins. That's how much we see this horse today and that horses please insert one pound to continue this call. But in all seriousness, I do actually. You remind found sixty six pounds worse off Silvestri, but that's coming down to the last race was all over he joined them for a big time for turn a foot. Now big time. He was he was definitely value for six things six things. Plus, and he's six lengths worse-off here for officially I think that three quarters, but he's word way more than that. And I think this course, and this was sued him better than it was silver streak Gand. Moet at as well, you know, I think Brian powers just faster, and they use that was as I start overheard was for like a year and a half. So he could just be it into the better for I'm having just the to the smaller obstacles and all over the top American tipping meds. I do actually quite fancy. Okay. All right. Well, Don King impression was a good one. Kevin. And if you to ruin a dunking style tipping service. I'm sure it will do well for you. Fair. Michael Buckley, was the one who insisted on going back over hurdles and proved right that day. So we'll see if it continues to prove right? We'll go tar then Shelley the horse Yossi hotel. Chase. Otherwise known as the Kinloch Bray, but doesn't even have it said registered as the king of breads, the horse and jockey, if it wasn't for the fact that this stake in horse and jockey is some of the finest steak around and make sure to get their pepper sources. Well, just tell them Kenner sent you. We'll be we'll be okay with that. So sizing Jonah gain. He's not entered which is disappointing. I'm a huge fan of invitation only in the thirty running with nice promise behind shaped twelve for a long time before getting thrashed by album photo. But I would like to think you'll come on a ton for that. Just what invitation that all the quick warning. He is amongst the market leaders for the stays next week. So he could potentially go there. Instead and Willie Mullins has got a good record in that. But Willie Mullins horses are running at the moment. Total recall in here as well. And then there's probably arguably the most interesting one. Nolde meters to put me Kevin take it away taking wait. Total recall start who told the recall, I think he's being put in as fab. Which is probably understandable base in the official ratings. However, I just think he'd probably prefer going further like he's a horse that goes along with with a lot of sparked suggest he might be okay. Over short or any ratifying around tra- more. Both. I think going back to three miles would be a helps to he is what I would call a kind of an erotic jumper. He can he can get chancy at times and careless even so he's just not a horse it ever wants to really hang my hat on. I think the real good days when he was when he was raised at you know, whatever he was when he joined us those where today's be with talking recall, but right now, they're just beat boxing around the in these racist hope and to to land one as he's a ten year old. He has good mileage on the clock. Whereas to a part of me as you might say. Is less expose. He's only your six year old. I suppose he's had racing for six year old was. He's improved significantly since joining me from US Mars where there that improvement is down to the trainer switch or to fact Noel Meade has stepped him open trip by be probably inclined to go with the former..

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