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Nineteen eighty-three after one thousand five hundred sixty seven performances patti lupone started as eva with with <hes> mandy patinkin as shame <hes> lupone has stated about her time at nevada quote here we go evita was the worst experience of my life. She said i was screaming. My way through a part that could only have been written by a man who hates women and i had no support from the producers who wanted to star performance onstage but treated me <music> as an unknown backstage. It was like beirut and i fought like a banshee. She does not give god bless. Palpably lipponen hates everything in anyone anyone and does not take shit from anybody. I love the hell out of her. She kept going in an interview in two thousand. Eleven lupone commented quote. He writes crap music vita. It was his best score evita in its bizarreness. When i first heard it i thought i swear to god. He hated women. There are some very romantic moments in his music and there are some real trash that he he doesn't even think about partying with he's not very good editor of his own stuff and then she and then she continued with him like this wasn't the first and last time that pettibone worked with the andrew lloyd webber so who knows anyway the song. Don't cry for me. Argentina became a hit single along with the song. You must love me written specifically for the nineteen ninety-six film version version starring madonna <hes> antonio banderas as shea according to android weber the songs purpose was to showcase perrin's emotional state at the time as as well as her relationship with her husband juan peron <hes> madonna who started in the title role of the film had tried to change the lyrics of the track to create a sympathetic portrayal of perron but was unsuccessful. She also undertook vocal lessons to record the songs for the film. Because the part of evita the part of eva peron in the musical is a mezzo soprano okay and and madonna is not nothing madonna's not a singer like madonna's not a good singer. I know i'm going on is nothing. I i really hope. People don't isolate that she doesn't care about me. She's got more money than anybody no. She's not like madonna has sent herself. I didn't get into pop music because i thought i had a great voice. I got into pop music because i had something to say so. She knows she's not like a great voice voice but the fact that she she and she really like gun for this part <hes> she wrote letters director. She like <hes> one of her music videos does she did like a whole like spain thing. Yeah yeah remember then was remember the song but yeah she's there's like a bull fighter and she's like dressed up like eva peron but it was all part of her like plan to spanish lullaby or something yeah yeah. Is that earlier. No i think it may have been yeah may have been the same like era where she was like. I'm going to write a song about this so i can get a partner vida anyway. The movie did well apparently okay so the next musical's called. Tell me on a sunday <hes> it's a musical with music by our boy and lyrics by a man named don black. It's a one woman show <hes> it has been performed by number of female singers actors and one x song cycle it tells the story of an ordinary english girl offer multiple hill.

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