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Animals that are labelled for each product out there's no no harmon applying one over the top of the other there's also a company called contact that used to make and ultrasonic sensor now it's electron ix also you've always got to make sure that the batteries are work in its plugged in and i cannot for life we find this contact because they make you can find the products on amazon dot com and walmart but i cannot find the company anymore i don't know if they sold or changed or what that they've got a number of mechanical deterrence like the uh the scarecrow it's a motion act sprinkler that url again and again you've got to constantly view monitoring your ninevolt batteries and the only way to tested as the walk out there and wave your sent or send your dog out there but animals learn pretty quick to stay out of the way of its the range d other than ah a traps have you found any any other way for cat specifically can't say on there no that is a tough one because you know really trapping them probably is the only way to get rid of them completely if you've got a problem with free ranger feral cats her people not abiding by their responsibilities and keeping their cats contained yeah there's all kinds of probably somebody or call and say use mothballs or cayenne pepper this or that and i think all of those odor driven things work you just have to continually put them out there because they don't last forever um i've had people take little mousetraps in kind of burien slighly so when they walk it snaps they're in a pause and scares them away and again those worked for a little while 'till they figure out where they are they now have an avid gatam that sort of thing so at the end of the day probably completely eliminating the the cat or the nuisance is probably the only really true effective way to go you know one thing that men have found on pinterest a couple of years ago that has worked good for us is the crates that you.

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