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The Santa Barbara county sheriff the searches were conducted under warrants approved by a judge and in order to have a war to prove the judge needs to be convinced by law enforcement of the probability that a car. I'm was committed true the quad exes filed a lawsuit under pre civil war provision of maritime law also used by the owners of the Titanic the to search the company is not liable for damages because the boat passed its two most recent inspections and was deemed seaworthy the victims are dot net predawn fire were sleeping in a cramped bunk room below deck with the fire started with escape routes being blocked fire season in California ABC's Alex stone reports so far crews have been working to keep up with those places one of two large wildfires burning here in California has grown to close to forty four thousand acres it's in a very remote area near Quincy California about a three hour drive from Sacramento it's in the Plumas National Forest no buildings have been damaged but firefighters say they are making progress flame activity decreased last night and containment lines are holding in place about fire started on Wednesday authorities still don't know how well hunter from the Midwest is returning to the U. S. after bagging an endangered animal in Africa Chris pay arc as a trophy hunter from Michigan who paid four hundred thousand dollars to kill a rare black rhino in Namibia now he's received permission from the fish and Wildlife Service to bring the animal skins skull and Warren's back home the U. S. Endangered Species Act makes it illegal to import trophies unless it helps their survival in his application payer claim that twenty nine year old rhino he killed was interfering with younger animals breeding and harming population growth Deborah Rodriguez CBS news Texas man is facing charges police say he attacked the iconic Wall Street charging bull with a banjo police say Kevin via like left a number of dance a hole in one of the horns of apple after attacking it on Saturday the attorney for is Stephen Avery makes what she calls a big announcement related to the case of a client who was featured in the Netflix documentary making a murderer claims he is not being released from prison and there is no new appeal but Kathleen Zellner released a statement Monday announcing a new reward for the quote real killer of Theresa Halbach and quote sellers says the one hundred thousand dollar reward is being offered up. buy a concerned citizen however did not identify that person Stephen Avery was convicted in the two thousand five murder of Wisconsin photographer Avery has maintained his innocence last month the Wisconsin judge denied Avery's request for a new trial Bryan Burrough ABC news five forty nine years.

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