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Just like whatever if you had a ten song album just be whatever ten pieces of shit i kind of we should try to make a scott album i so till great idea make do with these two mice put it you can make a lot of money a lot of money scott the album maybe we get open for you yeah you to scouted open every fucking show you to also down with kid rock and say i go i know i know openers can't have openers but i gotta get these guys at least get for a minute for me how how quickly before we got a kid get hit with for sure it would kinda it would start like the people be like and then once it hit maybe like minute i guess what you know bow with dubose kind of a scat a little bang bang but it probably breaks the rules by being the same thing ever gets a monk's music actual right in there right but he always thinks he's doesn't he doesn't just go sometimes go stop his crowd on him turn on him if he was just the cool thing get ready for a toured the main my main thing everyone has to get their voice ready or whatever it is my main thing is learning the fucking lyrics takes me forever so scatting would be probably probably do scat every once in a while learning your own lyrics fucking hard because because of the way i write is like you know because people have you know my my man has to sing harmony with me so if i if i single wrong line they got the wrong line so it's like there's some there's a song called fuck you off my mind regicide.

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