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Credit union where members are the mission visit navy federal dot org ensured by NC UA It's 9 28 Back to read in the traffic center Updating the situation in Virginia on the outer loop of the beltway under Georgetown pike the crash was moved out of the roadway to the right so that delay has eased back a bit We are still seeing delays on the southbound two 70s burn on the outer loop headed around from old Georgetown road toward river road but then it looks good crossing the American legion bridge It is the interlude that slows off the toll road toward Georgetown pike where you lose that left lane that had been the red X and Green Arrow lane for that long-term work zone Now on the beltway in Maryland outer loop topside delays off of southbound 95 from two 12 headed around toward Georgia avenue your inner loop backup is from branch avenue headed all the way toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge in the through lanes after two ten The crash had been moved over to the shoulder In the districts outbound rock creek Parkway near 66 and the Potomac freeway response was showing up to the scene for a brush fire Southbound D.C. two 95 delays from the BW Parkway en route 50 headed past east capital street in New York avenue slows to the lighter bladensburg road and again seeing delays headed toward the third street tunnel The westbound freeway that's heavy from the third street tunnel toward main avenue northbound three 95 slows from The Pentagon and off the GW Parkway across the 14th street bridge And the case bridge toward main avenue It is the eastbound 66 still in a delay this time from one 23 headed all the way to the beltway The crash has moved out of the roadway the right side of the roadway is no longer blocked but those delays are sticking around Also thanks to colors for letting us know of the problem on eastbound 7 in the herndon area between the fairfax county Parkway and Georgetown pike The crash on the left side but a lot of debris in the roadway so you're weaving around it to get through New windows from window nation are one of the best things you can do to increase the value of your home get two free Windows for every two you buy Plus pay nothing for two full years visit window nation dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTO B traffic And chat bell with our forecast Increasing clouds and an increasing chance for rain for the rest of your Tuesday afternoon high temperatures today right around 80°.

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