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They were considering roughly ninety percent on tv at that time now whether that's because they couldn't around or because it's it's more traditional tv watchers But i i think that was really more across age demographics not not limited to young people. Okay got shortly. In terms of brand interest. We saw across the board. Not not focus on young people specifically especially. Because you'll remember that we try to direct under thirteen to youtube kids Which is a different different portion of the business so you does focus predominantly on adults it forty nine or twenty five to fifty four of again week we actually have seen strong increases in the in the post fifty five age group as well. I want to ask you about ad formats. Have skip and nonce capable. You have long ads short ads. And then you have ad free options that you're pushing some users towards me towards it a lot even though accept. Nobody wants to get into high for you. So it's a little intense. It's a little surprised with its mastery of personalization. Google is unable to know at this point that i need to see the ads as part of my job but in any case i are you using a lot of ai to decide which add and what formats to match to users. Could you talk a little bit about the the the mix there of of ad experiences. And i guess. Part of that question is also around performance versus brandon goals. It would be held to just get a sense of. What's going on behind the scenes with google's ad decision ing with on youtube again. I'm sticking on youtube here sure. Yeah we're absolutely using machine learning to tried to measure your preferences and to to deliver the right at the right moment. You know what that typically means right is detecting. It's it's not usually the case that customer segments and that there's customer segments who sort of prefer short ads or prefer long ads or things like that. It's more complicated where it depends. What kind of moment. The viewer is in right. Is this on mobile on the fly vs on television during longer for consumption you know. Is this an.

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