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That it's done and dusted regarding the tie to England with suggests that maybe there will be more focused people taking the FA Cup little seriously this year. Yoga and Klinsmann Club. I should say thanks. He's done industrial with the title. I get your drift. They're a long way clear You'd like to see all the manages taking it very very seriously. I'm pretty old fashioned. I can remember a time when the FA Cup was the biggest thing in town on the nation stopped for the final. It isn't like that anymore and I'm afraid you're going to see too. Many premier league teams really should be having a good crack probably playing a lot of their squad. Players allies giving them a game. I don't like that at all. I'd like to see teams like wolves who got the semifinal last year and to Manchester United. Do they knocked out in the quarter-finals Russia giving it a real good go this year and Everton as well now pretty safe in the middle of the table. They've got Liverpool. What crediting Liverpool put out? Carlo Ancelotti is First Merseyside Derby. I wonder if that might shock some fun games then. I'm doing that game. I'm at Liverpool so I'm looking forward to as instead uh I'm looking forward to not put in a really strong so that Liverpool probably put some youngsters in Campbellton GonNa win that Merseyside Derby and I think it's GonNa be a tough game meters around a great side in the championship attention when you're struggling. When the manages not under pressure for his job spurs go into Middlesbrough if they lose that marine would be under even more intense pressure in his job but in in terms of people? Criticizing where it's going so that's a massive gun. I'll be shocked if you doesn't put these false team. Oh this is a guy who haunts trophies down. Yes you'll see this. This is an opportunity to win a trophy so I would expect them to have much a foster living with you. They don't those Stevie I they don't I'll bet you they play foyt the back and bring in a few of their squad plaza. I've seen it before. They think the the top four is everything making the top for their six points. It's off the top four so we'll have a little radio in charge you with marina in charge. I don't think he'll be a full-strength Tottenham. I'll tell you what going forward will because it ended a day don't matter whether you all real for MDL's the Jews not let grit..

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