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Exactly and jockeys have a lot common. Right. Big time. Sure. Black and Jeremy rose, and there's all drain, Vince. Right because the weight situations. Yeah. Yep. John you talk about that. Because he. All right. Got to be something. More talk about with somebody else. Who's up next key Chamblain's joining us from NTR? Oh, cookie. I said I I will do that. And then John White and Jeremy plunk. All right. How fun later Andy. I appreciate it. And he's Erling everybody in New York racing. Sociation racing resumes Thursday, and it's a good card. His it's rare that I've done more work on a car than anti that. That is a that is a few and far between but the seventh race is a one mile hundred thousand dollar optional basically money allowance big purse and some nice steak type horses lined up, including STAN the man coming off an allowance win. He's cutting back exulting for Kieran. Gary's got hit hit it. Once more solid wager comes back off that toboggan win for Chris Engelhardt who's going to stretch out. That's kind of interesting that the fact that we talked to Chris after the toboggan win. And you know, he talked about maybe the General George they had come out a couple of things, but the fact that they're stretching out to a mile. In this spot says that they've maybe got something else in mind going forward for him. So we'll see back side of the moon who's been so good for Leo O'Brien. Four hundred thousand in earnings for lake lonely racing that nice holiday bonus for David could Izzo. Kind of hit the wall a little bit in the jazz. But certainly has been as been very solid. It's nice group. And there's also the state breads that are going the one mile in the fifth, and this is really good. Lot of good three year olds in here. Prodi Valenti with stone breaker the home bread. Got southern king for Pletcher coming out of the Damon Runyon New Year's Eve beachside probably the worst be for Linda rice and Barry Schwartz and kind of interesting Bruce Brown has got hushing. Be funny of hushing beat. Were to be the the Barry shorts. So good card and there's also a maiden race the third with eight horses that older horses that looks okay. In here. So good card Thursday in New York. Let's take a break. Come back mentioned keep sham l'an. We're gonna do a little bit of an eight advance. What you need to know heading to Las Vegas. I wanna get the details of the plan. You know, the last chance contest on Thursday. And basically, you know, those of you that are getting ready. Maybe your first time. What do you need to know Keith hotel you back after this? John White top of the hour little past the top of the hour, Jeremy Plunkett as well. Stay with us..

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