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Let's see. Oh, I'm way behind on this chat. Let me see if I can catch up here. Well, we're going slightly over. And. DT and L, you're now you're making me want to try night photography. I don't have friends to try it out though. Sony's aren't bad. Sony's aren't bad, but they definitely cap your night photography at quality settings well before what other phones will do. Right now, undisputed, easily the night photography champ is vivo, the V one processor, co processor on the X 70, is mind bogglingly fast. Like you're holding still for like a two second exposure and you'll beat pixel 6s, you'll beat iPhones. You'll crush Samsung's. I mean, if you want that computational stacked DNG multiple image low light photo vivo all day every day. Sony expects that you know what you're doing with the camera and if you're in a low light situation, a professional would use a flash or a tripod or a stabilizer would use longer shutter speeds would use sort of ISO up to a point, but then would prevent the photo from getting too grainy or two pixelated or two sort of smeary. So Sony doesn't just go to a computational extreme. They expect that you're going to use good photography habits to get that better low light photo. People think that that's wrong because smartphones should just hold your hand and do all of this AI processing for you. I understand where Sony is coming from, but it would be nice if they could kind of find a middle ground. I wouldn't mind just slightly more aggressive processing on their low light mode. They do have a night mode and it's not bad, but it certainly doesn't impress like a pixel 6 night sight or an iPhone night mode or a vivo can literally turn night into day. Like I've been in almost blackout conditions on a vivo. And suddenly here's this super bright vivid image with crystal sharp pinpoints of starlight and the colors are correct. For the data that it's filling in on like trees and houses and windows and it's magic. It really is. Other people are like, oh, but that's so unrealistic because the scene was really dark, and I want things to be accurate. And I BS, you don't, you don't care about that. If you cared about that, then you would fuse a 30 millimeter lens to this camera and only operate it within the sort of ISO capabilities of the human eye. Just the fact we have lenses that can zoom in things, we're already not concerned about pure accuracy in some kind of philosophically objective sense. Oh, details. I'm convincing him to flip his Xperia 5. Stick with your experience of 5. It's a great phone. I'm not telling you to get rid of something that's working for you. Oh yeah, copper cash. Taking some picks of the eclipse last night with my pixel 6 made me wish for that periscope lens like on the Sony. The pixel 6 pro periscope is kind of great. It's really good, it's also one that, you know, again, folding that lens and giving you a longer focal length on a larger sensors, pretty sweet. I know a lot of people said, you know, pixel 6 pro isn't worth the additional cost, but that's genuinely the best telephoto for indoor shooting. I ever used on a phone. And the Xperia is good, but if I'm trying to capture indoor candids and sort of like room lighting, really soft, cozy, indoor home lighting. Pixel 6 pro is formidable. It's pretty crazy. Oh, dick burns. Good point. You can currently get the experience 5 Mark three for $669 and 95 cents on B and H right now. That's crazy pants. 5 Mark three is a really solid phone. Oh, very Johnson. Yep, my favorite phone of the year so far is that I could 9 pro. I mean, I'm keeping it safe for you. I'm gonna keep using this phone, playing with it. I'll make sure nothing happens to this phone Barry. You know it's in good hands with me. That was evil, I'm sorry, man. A DT and L saying some great things about the Xiaomi mi 12 seems to be nailing the nighttime shots. I mean, again, I'm not saying Xiaomi isn't putting out good products. What I'm sort of surprised by is we saw sort of a spread of premium tier on the mi 11s. Mi 11, I, mi 11, mi 11, was there like a pro or a plus and then a mi 11 ultra. And I'm just kind of surprised that we haven't seen the same push for Xiaomi 12. It's not seeing the same kind of spread of kind of overlapping at the sort of flagship killer space and then offering a crazy balls to the wall, like top tier, best of everything that we've got. And that's why I'm kind of surprised. I expected Xiaomi Xiaomi has been killing it with pocos and red meats. I kind of expected the name brand show me Xiaomi to also kind of hit that top tier, which hasn't really happened..

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